Call of Duty’s Sea­son 5 Reloaded update will go live tomor­row on Sep­tem­ber 9th, and Tre­yarch has already post­ed the patch notes for Black Ops Cold War’s mid-sea­son. This includes a new map, playlist updates, and anoth­er dou­ble XP event.

We’ve already out­lined the Sea­son 5 Reloaded details, includ­ing the new map and mode in mul­ti­play­er, and plen­ty of Zom­bies con­tent. There is also a new Num­bers event, which is a sea­son­al event across Cold War and War­zone that play­ers can par­tic­i­pate in to earn rewards.

How­ev­er there will be a dou­ble XP event this week­end star­ing on Sep­tem­ber 10th through Sep­tem­ber 13th in both Black Ops Cold War and War­zone. This just so hap­pens this is the same time­frame the Call of Duty: Van­guard beta will be avail­able for PlaySta­tion users who pre­ordered a copy of the game. 

Noth­ing was changed in mul­ti­play­er, but Zom­bies saw tons of bug fix­es and adjust­ments, which you can check out below:

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Reloaded Patch Notes


Pres­tige Shop

  • New Weapon Blueprint
    • Hid­den Ter­ror” Sniper Weapon Blue­print added to the Pres­tige Shop.
  • Lega­cy Call­ing Cards
    • New Lega­cy Call­ing Cards and Ani­mat­ed Call­ing Cards added to the Pres­tige Shop.



  • Zoo (6v6)
    • Zoo map added to Mul­ti­play­er rota­tion in 6v6 modes.
    • Zoo 24/7 added to Fea­tured Playlists.


  • Demo­li­tion [NEW]
    • Demo­li­tion added to Mul­ti­play­er Fea­tured Playlists.
    • Attack­ing team attempts to destroy two ene­my bomb sites. Defend­ers must pre­vent the attack­ers from det­o­nat­ing both bombs before the time limit.
    • Time is extend­ed after the first bomb site is destroyed.
    • In the event of a tie, a sin­gle neu­tral bomb site becomes active in Over­time, where the first team to suc­cess­ful­ly det­o­nate the bomb wins the match.
  • 12v12 Mosh­pit
    • Added Zoo and Dri­ve-In to the map rotation.

Fea­tured Playlists

  • Zoo 24/7 [NEW]
  • Demo­li­tion [NEW]
  • Nuke­town 24/7
  • Cranked Mosh­pit
  • Gun­fight
  • Face Off 6v6
  • 12v12 Mosh­pit (now fea­tur­ing Zoo and Drive-In)
  • Par­ty Games
  • Mul­ti-Team


Round-Based Maps

  • Fea­tures
    • Ram­page Inducer
      • New fea­ture added to all round-based Zom­bies maps.
      • Play­ers can now inter­act with an orange Essence can­is­ter at the start of each map to vote to induce Ram­page. All play­ers must vote to enable the feature.
      • When enabled, spawn rates and move­ment speed of ene­my zom­bies will be increased through Round 20 for a more intense expe­ri­ence for advanced players.
      • Play­ers can vote to turn the Ram­page Induc­er off and on at will, as often as once per round. All play­ers must vote to dis­able the feature.
      • If left unused, the Essence can­is­ter will explode after Round 20.
  • Game­play
    • Addressed an issue where scrolling through the score­board with a con­troller could tog­gle the flashlight.
    • Closed an exploit where play­ers were able to gain access to locked por­tions of the map.
  • UI
    • Addressed an issue where play­ers could receive place­hold­er medals from CRBR‑S mul­ti-kills on “Mauer der Toten.”


  • Regions
    • Arma­da
      • New Region in the North Atlantic Ocean added to Outbreak.
  • World Events
    • Black Chest
      • New World Event added to Regions in Outbreak.
      • Inter­act with the Black Chest and destroy what lies with­in to form a pact with the spir­it inside for the cur­rent Region.
      • Once the pact is formed, the spir­it will be sum­moned against near­by zom­bies when the play­er is low on health.
      • This abil­i­ty is on a cooldown and its effect is shared with teammates.
  • Intel
    • Added new Sea­son Five Reloaded nar­ra­tive Intel to discover.
  • Game­play
    • Addressed an issue where Solo play­ers could lose the abil­i­ty to select load­outs after warp­ing to anoth­er Region in a pri­or Out­break session.
    • Addressed an issue where the Omega Heli­copter would some­times appear incon­sis­tent­ly on the mini-map.
  • Objec­tives
    • Closed an exploit that allowed play­ers to escape the Hold­out Objec­tive in Alpine by using the Grap­ple Gun.
  • Local
    • Addressed an issue where select­ing Zoo as a map in Local play was not cor­rect­ly switch­ing the mode to Outbreak.
  • PC
    • Addressed an issue where the leg­end was not appear­ing on the over­head map.

Dead Ops Arcade 3

  • Sta­bil­i­ty
    • Added var­i­ous stability/exploit fixes.
    • Added var­i­ous fix­es to fur­ther alle­vi­ate “Char­lie 285 Mil­i­tary Goril­la” errors.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur if a play­er dis­con­nect­ed while in the Ikari EggX­it bonus area.
  • Game­play
    • Gen­er­al
      • Play­ers who have dis­con­nect­ed and rejoined a match in progress will now have their score and gem mul­ti­pli­ers restored to their most recent lev­el at the end of their most recent round.
      • Adjust­ed Room of Judg­ment wave times to grant addi­tion­al time for Trio and Quad games.
      • A flash­light will now spawn on the Island for Solo Advanced Start modes.
      • First-Per­son pow­er-up spawns should no longer clump togeth­er in order to pre­vent one play­er from acci­den­tal­ly con­sum­ing them all.
      • Reduced late mon­ey spawns after the round is over, so play­ers no longer feel the need to wait around for pickups.
      • Added a small col­li­sion ramp to one of the mov­ing plat­forms by the vol­cano to make hit­ting the ramp via boost­ing easier.
      • Touch­ing or stand­ing in lava will now cause rapid death in First-Person.
    • Bonus Areas
      • Added 5% chance of gold­en egg spawns to the Chick­en Coop bonus area.
      • Ikari EggX­it bonus area now prop­er­ly awards XP.
      • Locked the num­ber of Ikari EggX­it bonus area instances to 3 per game.
      • Ikari EggX­it bonus area will now be removed from the avail­able pool after Round 130.
    • Ene­mies
      • Nova Crawler
        • Nova Crawlers no longer have an ini­tial move­ment speed vari­ance set when they spawn in to pre­vent incon­sis­tent increases/decreases in speed.
        • Nova Crawlers now spawn in at a con­sis­tent move­ment speed but can have their speed boost­ed by Nova Gas.
      • Were­wolf
        • Adjust­ed Were­wolf health and heal log­ic to alle­vi­ate sit­u­a­tions where play­ers can­not deal more dam­age than health being restored.
        • Each time the Were­wolf restores health, it will now reduce the amount it can heal subsequently.
      • Pole Zom­bie
        • Pole Zom­bie health no longer scales with round number.
        • Increased the time a Pole Zom­bie is on the map before it con­sid­ers plant­i­ng a pole from 4 sec­onds to 5 seconds.
        • Pole Zom­bies are now slight­ly more like­ly to start a pole plant once it starts con­sid­er­ing a plant.
      • Gen­er­al
        • Ele­phant in The Wild will now be dam­aged by play­er chickens.
        • Wolf and Ghost Wolf will no longer kill the play­er in one bite.
        • Glad­i­a­tors will no longer have a rare chance to sur­vive a Nuke drop.
  • Audio
    • Replaced lev­el 2 and lev­el 3 fir­ing sounds for LMG/Rocket Launcher/Death Machine weapons with the lev­el 1 fire sound to reduce the loud­ness of these weapons in First-Person.
  • Bug Fix­es
    • Are­nas
      • Addressed col­li­sion issues in the Grave­yard, Tem­ple, and Water Tem­ple arenas.
      • Addressed spawn issues in the Grave­yard and Tem­ple arenas.
      • Addressed an issue where can­non fire was not enter­ing the play space on the Round 65 Island arena.
      • Added miss­ing col­li­sion in the Island are­na to pre­vent the play­er from going out of bounds.
      • Addressed an issue where fire­balls could blow up mid-air in the Round 57–60 Great Room arena.
    • Con­trols
      • Addressed an issue where flip­ping L1/R1 with L2/R2 in the Con­troller Set­tings menu mapped the fire action to R1.
      • Addressed an issue where First-Per­son pow­er-ups col­lect­ed at the same time by the play­er could lock up the player’s controls.
    • Match Resum­ing
      • Addressed a host migra­tion issue in pub­lic match­es where, upon resum­ing a game, remain­ing play­ers could be per­ma­nent­ly slowed for the rest of the match.
      • Addressed an issue where, after join­ing a game in progress, the play­er could occa­sion­al­ly not aim down sights or fire their weapon until they were downed and revived.
      • Addressed an issue where a play­er rejoin­ing a match in progress might not have their stats and leader­board data record­ed correctly.
    • First-Per­son
      • Addressed an issue where donat­ing a life could drop an award onto the play­er that might not be usable (for exam­ple, a Nuke could drop on a play­er who already had max Nukes). When this hap­pened, the pick­up could obscure the player’s first-per­son view.
      • Addressed an issue with miss­ing blood splat­ter effects in first-person.
      • Addressed an issue where the play­er could stay in The Wild with a mis­aligned cam­era after run­ning through a First-Per­son pow­er-up before tran­si­tion­ing into a bonus area.
      • Addressed a rare splitscreen issue where a blank dia­log box could appear when the play­er picked up a First-Per­son power-up.
    • Bonus Areas
      • Addressed an issue where the Marg­wa door at the exit was not being reset to its orig­i­nal closed posi­tion on sub­se­quent playthroughs of Ikari EggXit.
      • Addressed an issue that could occur when mul­ti­ple play­ers entered a Dead­ly Dun­geon and a Sil­ver­back Slide­ways bonus area at the same time, result­ing in unwant­ed game behavior.
      • Addressed an issue where the play­er could spend a key at Mama’s Armory Bas­ket and receive an unus­able item.
    • Gen­er­al
      • Addressed an issue where the Box­ing Glove was­n’t cor­rect­ly pri­or­i­tiz­ing the For­tune Fate bonus over the Divine Shield bonus modifiers.
      • Addressed an issue where a split Mega­ton could end up below the terrain.
      • Addressed an issue where friend­ly Skele­ton Guardians could pre­vent ene­mies from spawning.
      • Addressed an issue where where ene­my Glad­i­a­tors were not able to enter the play space in the Room of Judgment.

Onslaught (PlaySta­tion)

  • Maps
    • Onslaught Dri­ve-In added to map rotation.
  • Intel
    • Added new Dark Aether sto­ry Intel to dis­cov­er in Onslaught Drive-In.
  • Modes
    • Dimin­ish­ing Light
      • New lim­it­ed-time mode now available.
      • The cir­cle shrinks as the horde gets stronger. If the Dark Aether Orb col­laps­es, it will implode and destroy the play­ers, end­ing the match.
      • Shoot the Orb to slow down the shrink rate, or col­lect clock pow­er-ups to pause the col­lapse. Com­plet­ing Surges will revert the Orb to its orig­i­nal size.
  • Chal­lenges
    • Unlock the “Sovi­et Red” Assault Rifle Weapon Blue­print by com­plet­ing 30 Surges in Dimin­ish­ing Light.


  • Addressed an issue where apply­ing cus­tom Blue­prints in quick suc­ces­sion could result in weapon dupli­ca­tion or loss of functionality.


  • Added ping icons for Mule Kick and Death Per­cep­tion can pickups.
  • The Mule Kick machine is now present in “Mauer der Toten” when play­ing in Local.

Field Upgrades

  • Closed an exploit where play­ers could use Aether Shroud infinitely.

Fea­tured Playlists

  • Out­break (End­less and 3 Region)
  • Mauer der Toten
  • Fire­base Z
  • Die Mas­chine
  • Dead Ops Arcade 3
  • Dead Ops Arcade 3: First Person
  • Onslaught (PlaySta­tion)
  • Onslaught Dri­ve-In (PlaySta­tion) [NEW]
  • Onslaught Dimin­ish­ing Light (PlaySta­tion) [NEW]
  • Onslaught Con­tain­ment (PlaySta­tion)