Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War May 27th Patch Notes

Anoth­er week has gone by and more changes have come to Black Ops Cold War as the ’80s Action Hero Event con­tin­ues. These patch notes also include a playlist update, which intro­duces Ram­bo’s Gun Game, a dou­ble XP event and a free access weekend.

There are not that many fix­es with­in this update, but most of them have to deal with Mul­ti-Team Elim­i­na­tion. The oth­er major­i­ty of the fix­es have to do with Zom­bies mode. Most of the patch has to do with playlist changes.

How­ev­er, there is one of fix out­side of these two sec­tions. One is an issue with play­ers’ Sea­son Lev­els being capped at Lev­el 182 in the score­board and in the After Action Report. Oth­er than that, only slight changes have been made otherwise. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is also get­ting dou­ble XP this week­end, begin­ning some­time today and run­ning through June 1st. This is a Black Ops Cold War-spe­cif­ic event. The game will also be free to play across all plat­forms for the dura­tion of the week­end, includ­ing mul­ti­play­er and Zom­bies Out­break mode. 

You can see the full May 27th patch notes for Black Ops Cold War below, as list­ed by Tre­yarch.

War­zone also received a week­ly update for May 27th, with new weapon bal­anc­ing as well as a nerf to the Bertha car­go trucks in solo matches. 


Multiplayer + Outbreak Free Access

  • Free Access avail­able for down­load, fea­tur­ing Mul­ti­play­er and Zom­bies modes through June 1st.


  • Addressed an issue where some play­ers’ Sea­son Lev­els were capped at Lev­el 182 in the After Action Report and in-game scoreboard.



  • Rambo’s Gun Game [NEW]
  • New ‘80s Action Heroes Mul­ti­play­er mode avail­able in Fea­tured Playlists.
  • 3v3 Gun­fight [NEW]
  • New 3v3 vari­ant of Gun­fight mode avail­able in Fea­tured Playlists.

Mul­ti-Team Elimination

  • Increased XP values.
  • Enabled map vot­ing in the playlist.
  • Increased the opac­i­ty of pings for bet­ter vis­i­bil­i­ty. Pings will also be less vis­i­ble while aim­ing down sights.
  • Map load­ing stats that show your per­for­mance in Elim­i­na­tion on each map should now prop­er­ly dis­play the cor­rect stats.
  • UI
  • Ene­my pings will now fol­low the pinged play­er for 5 sec­onds. To ping an ene­my play­er, with an ene­my play­er in your field of view, dou­ble-tap the left d‑Pad but­ton on con­troller or press the Z key twice on your keyboard.
  • Addressed an issue where the play­er would some­times receive a UI error when being downed or killed by the Bal­lis­tic Knife.


  • The “Have a Blast” Medal can now be earned with explo­sive Scorestreaks.


  • Increased the size of Weapon Mas­tery badges dis­played dur­ing Best Play.
  • Rambo’s Gun Game [NEW]
  • Die Hard­point
  • Stand­off 24/7 (also avail­able in Hard­core via Quick Play)
  • Mul­ti-Team Elimination
  • Nuke­town 24/7 (also avail­able in Hard­core via Quick Play)
  • 12v12 Mosh­pit (also avail­able in Hard­core via Quick Play)
  • Par­ty Games
  • 3v3 Gun­fight [NEW]
  • Mul­ti-Team Moshpit



  • Removed Check­mate from rota­tion in CDL Search & Destroy.



Won­der Weapons

  • Addressed an issue where play­ers could apply an Ammo Mod to the D.I.E. Won­der Weapons.

Ammo Mods

  • Addressed an issue where the Cry­ofreeze Ammo Mod visu­al FX could dis­play on screen when walk­ing backwards.


  • Added sta­bil­i­ty fix­es for Fishing.
  • Out­break
  • Fire­base Z
  • Die Mas­chine
  • Cranked 2: No Time to Crank
  • Dead Ops Arcade: First Person
  • Dead Ops Arcade
  • Onslaught (PlaySta­tion)
  • Onslaught Mys­tery Muni­tions (PlaySta­tion)
  • Onslaught Stand­off (PlaySta­tion)

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