Sea­son Three just launched a cou­ple of days ago for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Tre­yarch has already released anoth­er update, right after the first large set of patch notes. This one includes minor weapon tun­ing and some error fix­es for the game. Details on new addi­tion in to Out­break were also giv­en in these patch notes.

The weapon bal­anc­ing added buffs for the AK-74u SMG, adjust­ments to the Patrol Grip Under­bar­rel attach­ment for all SMGs and the QBZ-83 AR. This update arrives with the start of a Black Ops Cold War free access week and a dou­ble XP event.

Play­ers across all plat­forms will be able to play all of Black Ops Cold War’s con­tent and the Out­break Zom­bies mode from now until 10:00 a.m. PT/ 1:00 p.m. ET on April 28th.

Double XP Event

The dou­ble XP and Weapon XP event will be live in Black Ops Cold War from now until 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on April 26.

Black Ops Cold War Patch Notes — April 23rd, 2021


  • Addressed an issue where the play­er could see UI Error 95650 or 22241 when switch­ing to the Weapons tab in the Mul­ti­play­er or Zom­bies menu while play­ing offline.
  • Addressed an issue where the play­er could see UI Error 61712 when enter­ing the Cam­paign menu.
  • Addressed “Show­case Weapon” issues when equip­ping cer­tain weapons.
  • Updat­ed map descrip­tion text for Yaman­tau and Diesel.


  • Added “Delete” option for Cus­tom Mods.


  • Fixed a rare crash relat­ed to the destruc­tion of vehicles.



  • Sub­ma­chine Guns
    • AK-74u
      • Increased base sprint speed to align with oth­er SMG sprint speeds.
      • Increased shoot­ing move speed and reload sprint speed.
    • Attach­ments (All SMGs)
      • Patrol Grip Underbarrel
        • Slight­ly reduced sprint speed bonus for Patrol Grip Under­bar­rel for SMGs to match Pis­tol sprint speed.
  • Assault Rifles
    • QBZ-83
      • Attach­ments
        • Patrol Grip Underbarrel
          • Added a sprint to fire bonus for the Patrol Grip Underbarrel.
          • Slight­ly reduced the Patrol Grip sprint speed bonus.
  • Attach­ments (Assault Rifles, Tac­ti­cal Rifles, Sniper Rifles)
    • Speed­grip Underbarrel
      • Slight­ly reduced sprint speed bonus for the Speed­grip Under­bar­rel on Assault Rifles, Tac­ti­cal Rifles, and Sniper Rifles to ensure SMGs main­tain a faster sprint speed when using the same attachment.

Developer’s note: The over­all goal of these changes is to ensure that SMGs are faster to use than assault rifles by default. The AK-74u required some slight speed increas­es in order to bring it in-line with the rest of its class, and sprint speed bonus­es for the Speed­grip Under­bar­rel on assault rifles, tac­ti­cal rifles, and sniper rifles required an adjust­ment to ensure SMGs are faster to sprint with com­pared to these class­es when using this attachment.


  • Reduced the time that it takes to tran­si­tion out of a slide to a stand­ing position.
  • Made adjust­ments to the delay when tran­si­tion­ing between crouch and stand.


  • Search & Destroy
    • Reduced vol­ume of the audio stingers when a play­er is eliminated.



  • Game­play
    • Ammo Mod and Aether Tool item drops can now be dis­cov­ered in Outbreak.
    • Launch­ers can now lock onto Spe­cial and Elite enemies.
    • Added a new ene­my that can drop a Ray Gun when killed. Keep an eye out for the pink mohawk…

Dead Ops Arcade 3

  • Game­play
    • Addressed an error where split-screen play­ers could get a “Game Over” screen after defeat­ing the Mamaback.
    • Addressed an issue where ene­mies not dying after a failed Room of Judg­ment event could cause unwant­ed play­er deaths or game-overs.
  • Chal­lenges
    • Addressed an issue where the “Full Arse­nal” Chal­lenge could not be com­plet­ed after ful­ly upgrad­ing all sev­en weapons in a sin­gle match.


  • Added a crash fix relat­ed to Exfil.

Source: Tre­yarch