Call Of Duty WWII Weapon Changes and New Dom Playlist Coming

The next set of big changes for Call Of Duty WWII is com­ing this month. Since launch Call Of Duty WWII and has been full of prob­lems rang­ing from lag to full out glitch­es and cheaters. Sledge­ham­mer games has been steadi­ly releas­ing patch­es to fix some of the biggest prob­lems and they are not done yet.

With this CoD sea­son’s first DLC, The Resis­tance right around the cor­ner, Call Of Duty WWII is going to be get­ting some more weapon bal­anc­ing, a new Dom­i­na­tion playlist and some bug fix­es. Sledge­ham­mer game’s Michael Con­drey took to red­dit to give CoD play­ers a quick pre­view of the upcom­ing changes come to WWII.

  • Dom­i­na­tion XL Test Playlist, which has 100 points per kill
  • Weapon Tun­ing Updates com­ing next week
  • CWL New Orleans — SHGames wants to get this stream­ing in the In game the­ater in HQ
  • Full game update with fix­es com­ing this month
  • Plans to fix the Spec­ta­tor bug issue in the next update for PS4 and Xbox One, PC expe­ri­ence improved with updates over holiday

Shot­guns are also see­ing some much need­ed changes. The com­bat shot­gun will see a ranger nerf and the M21 Sawed Off will either see a ranger increase or reload speed buff or a com­bi­na­tion of both.

Hope­ful­ly these changes make a pret­ty big change in the game play and make Call Of Duty WII more fun to play.

Full patch notes will be released when the patch drops, we will post the full notes as soon as they are available.


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