Call of Duty: WW2 Private Beta Impressions

PlaySta­tion’s pri­vate beta for Call of Duty: WWΙΙ just end­ed a few hours ago and the two of us who played it (TheLe­gend­of­Ta­co and IvanaHumper­lot) fig­ured we would weigh in on it. I have a feel­ing these will be very dif­fer­ent opinions.

Ivana’s Views On The Call Of Duty WWII Private Beta

When I first start­ed the beta I was enjoy­ing it. Until the usu­al love of Call of Duty wore off and the hate of the game (and all the very annoy­ing peo­ple who play it) came flood­ing back. After hit­ting the first lev­el cap of 20, I was burnt out and pret­ty much sick of the usu­al SMG’s run­ning every sin­gle map, with the occa­sion­al AR camp­ing on a Dom­i­na­tion map. This could have been from the very small maps that were avail­able to play, so the SMG’s would be the way to go, but are still very annoy­ing. They gave us four game modes and a Mosh Pit of the three basic modes: Dom­i­na­tion, Team Death­match, Hard­point, and the new War Mode.


The three maps for the reg­u­lar modes, as i men­tioned, were real­ly small and you were always on top of your ene­my which isn’t always a good thing. Dur­ing Team Death­match some­times you would spawn with your back to the ene­my, or in the ene­my spawn, so your death was def­i­nite. I was hop­ing to see big­ger maps for these modes, as SMG’s were the “go to” for most peo­ple on these maps.

War Mode had the biggest map, but since the mode was bro­ken up into sec­tions it was actu­al quite small and play­ers were clus­tered togeth­er. That’s all part of the mode and there was only one map for War Mode so I can’t real­ly judge until next week when the sec­ond map hits the beta.

War Mode

This was, by far, the shin­ing moment for Call of Duty: WWΙΙ. It was the most fun I had in the beta, because you actu­al­ly need your team to do the work to com­plete goals. Although, it had some pret­ty major flaws.

In one sec­tion you need to build a bridge so your tank can cross…and that…is…horrible. At first peo­ple would be stuck in a stale­mate, because the defend­ers would just snipe out the play­ers try­ing to build the bridge and any­one try­ing to defend them. There are so many head-glitch­ing spots on the defend­ing side that you could­n’t see them to kill them.

So we all start­ed throw­ing smoke to cov­er our­selves to build the bridge and as long as peo­ple killed the play­ers on mount­ed LMG’s in the build­ings you could, most of the time, build the bridge. It was a real annoy­ance that you had to equip a class that required smoke to get the job done. Lines of sight need to be fixed on that spe­cif­ic sec­tion on the map. Short gallery below:

Weapons, Basic Training

For the most part weapons are bal­anced, which is hon­est­ly sur­pris­ing. I ran around with a MG15 (LMG) for awhile (and yes they do have tripods!). Every­one and their grand­moth­ers were run­ning a PPSH (SMG) with some sort of sight and grip, while attach­ing a sup­pres­sor to it. I would like to men­tion that sup­pres­sors don’t take up a spot for SMG’s, you attach them after the match starts (boooo, not a fan). All weapons seem to have a bet­ter vari­a­tion of them­selves that you can unlock as you progress, which I guess is bet­ter than unlock­ing over­pow­ered weapons at lev­el 14.

Basic Train­ing

I won’t say much about basic train­ing, except you get one perk, deal with it. They are not over­pow­ered or annoy­ing and you will have to make choic­es you will not like.

All and all the beta was­n’t ter­ri­ble, and it def­i­nite­ly was a step in the right direc­tion for Call of Duty. Fans of the game seemed to real­ly enjoy it, but I got over this game a long time ago, so maybe I’m being a lit­tle critical.

Taco’s Views On The Call Of Duty WWII Private Beta

My opin­ion dif­fers from Ivana’s in a few major ways. I will start by say­ing that I real­ly did enjoy play­ing WWII, I enjoy the boots on the ground, slow­er paced action of WWII much more than the game­play in Advanced War­fare, Black Ops 3 and Infi­nite Warfare.

The new war mode was also my favorite time in WWI­I’s beta. Play­ing with a group of your friends while you rush and defend objec­tives. It did a great job com­bin­ing Call Of Duty’s trade­marked action with team­work and plan­ning to win the war match.

I am very inter­est­ed to to try the ranked mode after release as well as all the new War mode maps. I play com­pet­i­tive when the option is avail­able, I’m not a fan of “pub­lic match­es” or death­match games. I love objec­tive, com­pet­i­tive game­play and war mode offers that.

As far as gun bal­ance goes, it feels pret­ty good, some SMGs can use a nerf but over­all it feels pret­ty bal­anced. I have been been fooled by Call Of Duty betas before (I thought Black Ops 3 would be good and bal­anced, Boy was I wrong). Sep­tem­ber 1st — 4th will give us anoth­er chance to play again, hope­ful­ly with some new maps and weapons. As long as they don’t com­plete­ly mess it up with “bal­anc­ing” patch­es and “Fix­es” Call Of Duty WWII might actu­al­ly be what fans of the old school cod expe­ri­ence are look­ing for.


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