With the launch of Des­tiny 2’s For­sak­en expan­sion just six days away, Bungie decid­ed they want­ed to share more details about what they had planned after For­sak­en’s release. They also men­tion what For­sak­en’s Annu­al Pass will include and what non-pass play­ers get for free.

There is a nifty roadmap which shows what’s to come, right into the sum­mer of 2019. It’s also split up between the Annu­al Pass and free con­tent. For­sak­en’s launch will mark the begin­ning of Sea­son of the Out­law, all future sea­sons are free to every­one. Annu­al Pass own­ers can look for­ward to Black ArmoryJoker’s Wild, and Penum­bra, along with the free content. 

Roadmap for Forsaken

Bungie Revealed Forsaken's Post-Launch Road Map

Source: Bungie