Bungie Outlines What Their “Seasons” Mean for Destiny 2

At their Twitch­con pan­el this year, Bungie detailed exact­ly what “sea­sons” would mean for Des­tiny 2. While all Des­tiny 2 play­ers are cur­rent­ly expe­ri­enc­ing sea­son one right now, Bungie plans for sea­son two to begin (rel­a­tive­ly soon) this winter.

The devel­op­er has also made stat­ed they will be launch­ing anoth­er Iron Ban­ner and Fac­tion Ral­ly event, although no spe­cif­ic time was giv­en, it was said to be after Des­tiny 2 launched on PC. Luck­i­ly, this hap­pened today, so maybe we will see both of these events in the com­ing weeks.

Bungie has planned Des­tiny 2’s year quar­ter­ly, mean­ing fours sea­sons total. How­ev­er, they did not detail how long they expect the game to hold water. Espe­cial­ly with games like Call of Duty: WWΙΙ nip­ping at its heels. They men­tioned their first DLC (which was leaked thanks to some who played the PC beta) would also be com­ing out this win­ter, right along­side the sec­ond season.

Sea­son two will bring the addi­tion of Ice Hock­ey and the return of the Dawn­ing (both Christ­mas ori­ent­ed). You can also chuck some snow­balls at each oth­er, along with oth­er East­er Eggs. Also com­ing along with these sea­sons are exclu­sive emotes, cos­met­ics, and gear spe­cif­ic to that sea­son, which you can only obtain dur­ing that season.

Clans progress will be reset “so that small­er clans have a chance vs only larg­er more active clans to dom­i­nate. Keeps every­thing on a more fair lev­el.” The perks you can earn for your clan will also change each season.

The rea­son­ing for all of this? Bungie stat­ed it was to make “more pre­dictable time tables.” So play­ers know what to expect and when. Also, so you don’t feel like you have to play Des­tiny 2 all the time. Instead you can “pace” your­self and show up for cer­tain events when you want to. You can read more infor­ma­tion about the sea­sons on this Des­tiny Red­dit post.

Source: Red­dit

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