Bungie Makes Trials Delay + Addition to Leviathen Raid

In the week­ly post Bungie announced yet anoth­er delay for Des­tiny 2 play­ers to look for­ward to. This is after whis­pers of alle­ga­tions that the first team to fin­ish the Pres­tige ver­sion of the Leviathan Raid, used exploits to beat it in the time they did. Even though Bungie stat­ed they “can now detect if any teams use this exploit to gain an advantage.”

Just this week, Bungie had to switch the Night­fall due to a prob­lem with the Pres­tige ver­sion of the Exo­dus Crash strike. This is the sec­ond time this strike has had issues, which Bungie was unable to fix.

Bungie Makes Trials Delay + Addition to Leviathen Raid


This week play­ers of should­n’t expect to see Tri­als of the Nine, because Bungie has can­celled this week­ly PvP due to anoth­er exploit. This one is from an emote glitch play­ers have been abus­ing for quite some time. They did say the Tri­als should be back by Novem­ber 3rd. Of course, they did also state they “will pro­vide more infor­ma­tion as it becomes available.”

Bungie Makes Trials Delay + Addition to Leviathen Raid

If you are still hav­ing fun with the Leviathan Raid, on Octo­ber 31st you can attempt the option­al chal­lenge that will be added to a dif­fer­ent raid encounter each week, to “spice things up.” When you fail, an in-game mes­sage will let you know. Rewards will include, a new emblem for each Raid Chal­lenge you com­plete and a guar­an­teed Raid drop for the encounter. How exciting.

Source: Bungie

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