Back in the mid­dle of Decem­ber 2020, as Red­dit user by the name dead is death, post­ed about a pos­si­ble glitch hap­pen­ing with the gun Cold Front in Des­tiny 2. This sub­ma­chine gun is a Kinet­ic weapon, but can still roll with the Drag­on­fly perk. Of course, this allows it to have an ele­men­tal explo­sion upon a kill, even though Kinet­ic weapons have no ele­ment. This rais­es a few ques­tions as to what the perk actu­al­ly does when using the weapon.

As one would imag­ine, this is caus­ing tech­ni­cal issues which has led to Bungie need­ing to remove the roll in the next upcom­ing patch. Joe Black­burn, assis­tant direc­tor for Des­tiny 2, announced the perks removal on Twitter. 

Swash­buck­ler is a trait that gives the weapon increased dam­age from melee kills and kills with what­ev­er weapon it’s attached too. Fans of the game have giv­en mixed respons­es to the upcom­ing change. Twitch stream­er Gladd, replied to Black­burn ask­ing what the point is of replac­ing the perk. 

This isn’t the first time a weapon in Des­tiny 2 has had a bug, and will not be the last. It’s an issue that Des­tiny play­ers have been deal­ing with since the orig­i­nal title was released.