Bungie Allowing One-Time Name Change For Destiny 2 Players

Six months after Des­tiny 2 imple­ment­ed the Bungie Name sys­tem, play­ers are final­ly get­ting the chance to change their in-game name. Bungie announced on its Twit­ter that play­ers would get a one-time oppor­tu­ni­ty to adjust their Bungie Name–through their Bungie web account. This is already avail­able since Hot­fix has launched in Des­tiny 2 already.

Bungie Names were gen­er­at­ed for all Des­tiny 2 play­ers when cross­play became avail­able at the begin­ning of Sea­son 15 in August 2021, but users did­n’t have choice over their han­dles. Any­one play­ing Des­tiny 2 on mul­ti­ple plat­forms, like PC and PlaySta­tion, could choose which of these names would become their per­ma­nent Bungie Name–but were stuck with what­ev­er name they’d cho­sen to for their PlaySta­tion account or PC char­ac­ter. Bungie ini­tial­ly said play­ers could change their gen­er­at­ed names last win­ter, but the devel­op­er ran­dom­ly decid­ed that play­ers would have a sin­gu­lar oppor­tu­ni­ty to cre­ate a new Bungie Name in Sea­son 16.

Bungie did say this is the only name change they can speak of at this time. There are not many more details regard­ing the name change–like if there is a win­dow of time to adjust the number. 

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