A new update for Bor­der­lands 3 is out now on most plat­forms, with the biggest change enabling cross-play support.

Cross-play allows users on PC, Sta­dia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S play togeth­er through SHiFT match­mak­ing. In order to take part, play­ers must cre­ate a dis­play name that is unique. It has to be between 3–16 char­ac­ters long with no spe­cials sym­bols in order to use the fea­ture. The dis­play name can be changed at any­time on the SHiFT web­site or in the game’s menu. Gear­box stat­ed back in May that cross-play would not launch on PlaySta­tion con­soles, and it’s still unknown if the fea­ture will come to these systems. 

The update also increas­es the lev­el cap to 72, with 7 more skill points for play­ers to pump into their Vault Hunter.

The Revengeance of Revenge of the Car­tels, a rehash of the 2020 sea­son­al event Revenge of the Car­tels, debuts in this update. Play­ers must take down numer­ous Car­tel Oper­a­tives through­out the world before tak­ing down Joey Ultra­vi­o­let. For the sec­ond time. Com­plet­ing these chal­lenges can unlock cos­met­ics and weapons.

This update also gives sea­son­al events no “end dates,” so fan-favorite events are per­ma­nent. They can be found on the main menu, where play­ers can replay them end­less­ly. How­ev­er, play­ers can only infi­nite­ly replay sea­son­al events; it does­n’t apply to pre­vi­ous mini-events like the Arms Race and True Trials.

Gear­box recent­ly revealed Tiny Tina’s Won­der­lands dur­ing this year’s E3, with a soft release date of ear­ly 2022.