Gear­box has been plan­ning to change Bor­der­lands 3’s May­hem Mode for quite some time and it appears that will be hap­pen­ing rather soon. The changes to May­hem Mode will begin April 23rd, the same day the next sea­son­al event starts.

For those who don’t know, May­hem Mode unlocks once you fin­ish the Bor­der­lands 3 sto­ry. It gives you the option of ramp­ing up the dif­fi­cul­ty, which increas­es the expe­ri­ence points you get for killing ene­mies and increas­es the qual­i­ty of the loot they drop. 

Pre­vi­ous­ly, you had to vis­it a pedestal on Sanc­tu­ary III to acti­vate May­hem Mode or adjust the May­hem lev­el. In the future, you can do both via a new tab in the ECHO Device menu. There will also be more than 25 brand new mod­i­fiers that can be applied to your game. 

Each mod­i­fi­er is rat­ed as Easy, Medi­um, Hard or Very Hard. Easy mod­i­fiers are most­ly help­ful and include things like Big Kick Ener­gy, which increas­es your weapons’ dam­age but also increas­es their recoil and spread. 

Medi­um mod­i­fiers and beyond will bring big­ger chal­lenges. For exam­ple, the Medi­um mod­i­fi­er Floor is Lava, keeps you mov­ing by form­ing a pool of dam­age-deal­ing lava beneath your feet when­ev­er you stand still. One of the Hard mod­i­fiers, Drone Ranger, spawns Heal­ing Drones to assist enemies.

Mod­i­fiers are select­ed at ran­dom, but the num­ber of mod­i­fiers and dif­fi­cul­ty rat­ings of those mod­i­fiers are always the same for each May­hem lev­el, as seen below:

May­hem LevelMod­i­fi­er 1Mod­i­fi­er 2Mod­i­fi­er 3Mod­i­fi­er 4

In oth­er Bor­der­lands news, the Bor­der­lands Sci­ence arcade machine became a per­ma­nent addi­tion recent­ly, and Gear­box announced the Bor­der­lands Leg­endary Col­lec­tion for the Nin­ten­do Switch.

Source: Gear­box