Gear­box released anoth­er hot­fix to Bor­der­lands 3 this week, which includ­ed mul­ti­ple adjust­ments to Moze, new mini-events, weapon bal­ances and more.

The Door Busters mini event came to an end ear­ly today, and was replaced by two more events: Slot Machine Mania and Tri­als Take-All. The hot­fix also adjust­ed an arti­fact and addressed a con­cern over the Siren’s Stone class mod.

Moze also saw plen­ty of buffs, includ­ing the reduc­tion of cool down time for Iron Bear, an increased amount of fuel for Iron Bear and more. You can see the full notes below:


  • Adjust­ed the Pearl of Inef­fa­ble Knowl­edge Arti­fact to do +90% dam­age and updat­ed the item descrip­tion to show the cor­rect val­ue
  • Addressed a report­ed con­cern that the Siren’s Stone class mod was some­times increas­ing dam­age tak­en, instead of decreas­ing dam­age tak­en

Adjustments For Moze, The Gunner

  • Reduced the cooldown time for Iron Bear
  • Increased the amount of fuel for Iron Bear
  • Increased the bonus on “Behind the Iron Cur­tain” skill
  • Increased the bonus on “Secu­ri­ty Bear” skill
  • Increased the bonus on “Exper­i­men­tal Muni­tions” skill

Weapon Balance


  • Increased weapon dam­age

Hype­r­i­on Weapon Shields

  • Increased the amount of dam­age weapon shields absorb

The Lob

  • Increased Fire Rate
  • Reduced pro­jec­tiles from 3 to 1

Tig­gs Boom

  • Increased weapon dam­age
  • Increased dam­age from the Star­fall mete­ors


  • Increased weapon dam­age
  • Increased Crit­i­cal Dam­age Bonus

Good Juju

  • Non-crit­i­cal hits now increase Crit­i­cal Dam­age Bonus by 20%. This bonus stacks 25 times and is removed upon man­u­al reload.

Source: Gear­box