Borderlands 3 Cross-Play Update Is Ready, But PlayStation Consoles Won’t Be Included

Cross-play is final­ly mak­ing its way to Bor­der­lands 3 for almost every plat­form. Accord­ing to Randy Pitch­ford, Gear­box’s CEO, cross-play sup­port for PlaySta­tion con­soles need­ed to be removed.

It’s not clear why PlaySta­tion con­soles had to be left out of Bor­der­lands 3’s cross-play update. Pitch­ford announced this change in a tweet, say­ing, “For cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, we have been required by the pub­lish­er to remove cross-play sup­port for PlaySta­tion consoles.”

How­ev­er, Bor­der­lands 3’s pub­lish­er 2K may not be the only rea­son for the con­soles exclu­sions from cross-play. Dur­ing the Epic vs. Apple tri­al, doc­u­ments sub­mit­ted to the court revealed that Sony requires devel­op­ers adding cross-play to their games pay a roy­al­ty fee. Sony cal­cu­lates this fee based on the pop­u­lar­i­ty of the PlaySta­tion ver­sion of the game, and how much mon­ey it made on PSN.

Sony has­n’t been huge fans of cross-play for quite some time, with Rock­et League devel­op­er Psy­onix say­ing the tech com­pa­ny was hes­i­tant to allow cross-play. Sony has, of course, become more lenient with allow­ing cross-play on PlaySta­tion consoles.

2K has­n’t giv­en any more com­ments on the sit­u­a­tion and the sto­ry will be update if any­thing changes.

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