Anoth­er week has passed and anoth­er set of dis­counts, bonus­es and more has been added to Red Dead Online. PlaySta­tion Plus mem­bers will receive dif­fer­ent ben­e­fits for the next few months.

Challenges, Bonuses & More

Com­plete 5 Dai­ly Chal­lenges this week and get a Trea­sure Map as a reward. You can pick up the map from the Camp Lock­box or Post Office with­in 48 hours of com­plet­ing the Chal­lenges.

Bonuses, Challenges and Discounts in Red Dead Online This Week

Moon­shin­ers will receive a 50% Role XP Boost on all Moon­shin­er Sell, Sto­ry and Boot­leg­ger Mis­sions.

Bonuses, Challenges and Discounts in Red Dead Online This Week

Sign up for The Out­law Pass No.2 by March 8th and get 10 Ranks’ worth of Club XP. Club XP rewards will be giv­en with­in 48 hours and can be found in the Ben­e­fits sec­tion. The Out­law Pass No. 2 clos­es on March 10th, but you can sign up here.


These dis­counts are avail­able from today to March 9th.

  • 25% off Ara­bi­an Hors­es at the Sta­bles
  • 30% off all Vests and Ban­doliers
  • 40% off the Hunt­ing Bow and Fish­ing Rod


Twitch Prime Benefits

Con­nect a Social Club pro­file and a Twitch Prime account and get:

  • The Col­lec­tor’s Bag
  • The Pol­ished Cop­per Moon­shine Still
  • Ben­e­fits Award for Five Ranks of Moon­shin­er Role XP
  • Rewards will arrive in the Ben­e­fits sec­tion with­in 48 hours of play­ing.

PlayStation Plus Benefits

Play between now and June 1st to get to select 3 Abil­i­ty Cards of your choice, free of charge. Rewards will arrive with­in 48 hours.

Source: Rock­star