Bioshock Developer Irrational Games Reform As Ghost Story Games

Back in 2014 Irra­tional Games, the cre­ators of Bioshock and Bioshock Infi­nite, was closed down. Most of the stu­dio was laid-off with the excep­tion of 15 devel­op­ers includ­ing Bioshock Cre­ative Direc­tor Kevin Levine. Now the stu­dio has reformed as Ghost Sto­ry.

The new stu­dio aims to cre­ate “immer­sive sto­ry dri­ven games for gamers that like a chal­lenge”. Their name is a reflec­tion of this goal because “ghost sto­ries are immer­sive, excit­ing, and steeped in community”.

While many of those work­ing at Ghost Sto­ry worked on Bioshock and have used Bioshock social media accounts, they are not mak­ing a Bioshock game.

Cur­rent­ly the stu­dio is work­ing on an unnamed “immer­sive sci-fi game with RPG ele­ments”. Devel­op­ment is still in the ear­ly stages and will be slow due to the size of the stu­dio and their exper­i­men­tal nature. No oth­er details were giv­en, but you can cre­ate an account on the Ghost Sto­ry Games web­site to be informed when announce­ments are made.

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