Bethesda’s Launcher Is Closing, But Most Saves And Progress Will Transfer To Steam

Bethes­da has announced it’s final­ly clos­ing its PC store­front, the Launch­er, lat­er this year. The com­pa­ny thanked its fans in a blog post for all the sup­port and assured them they won’t be los­ing their games.

Any­one who owns games through the Launch­er can migrate them, along with any funds from their wal­let, to Steam begin­ning in April. Most games will have their saves auto­mat­i­cal­ly trans­ferred, although some will require man­u­al trans­fers, with on title not get­ting a sup­port at all, accord­ing to Bethes­da. Addi­tion­al­ly, the com­pa­ny clar­i­fied that peo­ple will still be able access their accounts. 

All games will remain playable through the Launch­er until May, but Bethes­da is rec­om­mend­ing play­ers start the process of mov­ing to Steam in April, when it ini­tial­ly becomes available.

In regards to game pro­gres­sion and save trans­fers, Bethes­da said in most cas­es, this should be rather sim­ple and applies to most titles. How­ev­er, Wolfen­stein: Young­blood saves and pro­gres­sion can not car­ry over–for an unknown reason.

Some saves will auto­mat­i­cal­ly trans­fer, how­ev­er some will require you to man­u­al­ly copy them to your Steam fold­er. We will have more infor­ma­tion on man­u­al­ly trans­fer­ring saves soon. At this time, we expect almost all save progress to be trans­fer­able auto­mat­i­cal­ly or man­u­al­ly with the excep­tion of Wolfen­stein: Young­blood, which cur­rent­ly is unable to trans­fer,” Bethes­da stat­ed in the post.

When it comes to Fall­out 76, Bethes­da said fans don’t have to wor­ry about los­ing any­thing, “We’re tak­ing every pre­cau­tion to ensure your Fall­out 76 char­ac­ters, pro­gres­sion, Atoms, Sea­son progress, cos­met­ics, rewards, your friends list, and even the Per­fect­ly Pre­served Pies you’ve been hoard­ing, make that jour­ney with you,” they said. “In addi­tion, your account will remain acces­si­ble on our web­site, and you will still use it to log into and play Fall­out 76.”

Bethes­da went on to men­tion that Fall­out 1st mem­ber­ships will remain active after the Steam migra­tion. Although, this mem­ber­ship won’t auto­mat­i­cal­ly renew after the launch­er has been shift­ed to Steam. You’ll need to resub­scribe via Steam, if you wish to keep the Fall­out 1st membership.

Bethes­da gave no rea­son for the clos­ing of the Launcher.

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