Battlefield 2042’s Third Major Update Includes More Than 150 Fixes

Bat­tle­field 2042’s third major update has arrived, and it’s brought with it over 150 bug fix­es, improve­ment, and adjust­ments across the game.

These changes include improved lev­el geom­e­try so play­ers don’t get stuck, fix­es to spawn­ing issues, numer­ous col­li­sion issues have been adjust­ed, as well as the removal of var­i­ous visu­al glitches.

This is just a small por­tion of what DICE added into Bat­tle­field 2042. The UI also saw some­what of an over­haul. The col­lec­tion screen was adjust­ed to make it eas­i­er to use, along with being more clear as to what play­ers are select­ing. New indi­ca­tors for downed allies that can be revived and indi­ca­tors for play­ers can pro­vide ammo or health have been added. Ene­my vehi­cles and play­ers will now also dis­play health bars at cer­tain distances.

Bat­tle­field Por­tal got some big addi­tions as well. Apart from the num­ber of bug fix­es, new builder options were also added: Rush game modes for all of 2042’s All-Out War­fare maps, a new vehi­cle team death­match mode, and new offi­cial tem­plates for game types like Gun Mas­ter and Infection.

This update also final­ly address­es the hit reg­is­tra­tion issues that have been a nui­sance since Bat­tle­field 2042 launched. That includes one that was caus­ing bul­lets to deal no dam­age to ene­my tar­gets, DICE did say in the patch notes that “fur­ther improve­ments are still being inves­ti­gat­ed” regard­ing the issue.

The update also seems to have brought a bug to PC play­ers, not allow­ing them to look left or right. You can check out the full patch notes for Update #3, as detailed by DICE, below.

Battlefield 2042 Update #3 Full Patch Notes

Update 0.3.0

Fix­es, Changes, and Improvements


  • The Recent Play­ers screen now include every­one from pre­vi­ous match­es to allow for eas­i­er user reporting
  • Made improve­ments to the “Inter­ac­tion” sys­tem by switch­ing the default “INTERACT” text on mul­ti­ple inter­ac­tions to reflect the action you are about to do, i.e. “OPEN CONTAINER”, “CALL ELEVATOR
  • Resolved Kalei­do­scope serv­er room light­ing issue
  • Resolved an issue relat­ed to the veloc­i­ty / tra­jec­to­ry while spawn­ing in jets
  • Improved heli­copter ani­ma­tion in lev­el fly-bys dur­ing insertion
  • Improve­ments to address an issue where play­ers killed in vehi­cles would fall beneath lev­el geometry
  • Improve­ments to stream­ing assets in deploy screen presentation
  • Play­er no longer gets stuck in a zipline/rope after exit­ing a vehi­cle after enter­ing it too close to a zipline or rope
  • Exit­ing an open seat ear­ly in the enter ani­ma­tion no longer caus­es your aim pitch to lock up
  • Cor­rect field of view is applied imme­di­ate­ly fol­low­ing inser­tion sequences

User Inter­face

  • Improved the Col­lec­tion screens, mak­ing them eas­i­er to use and clear as to what you’re inter­act­ing with
  • Improved the ways in which you’re able to man­age your attach­ments via the Col­lec­tion screen to reduce the num­ber of inter­ac­tions you need to have when build­ing your loadouts
  • Enhance­ments to our Play­er Card screen and End of Round (EOR) to pro­vide addi­tion­al polish
  • Added new mark­ers to make your new­ly unlocked items eas­i­er to find
  • Improved screen tran­si­tions when enter­ing and return­ing to the Main Menu
  • Improved Report a Play­er flows, specif­i­cal­ly around tox­i­c­i­ty and cheat­ing reports
  • The in-game score­board now prop­er­ly scales to match screen safe-zone settings
  • Fixed instances where the scroll func­tion didn’t work in the Options screens
  • Imple­ment­ed Focus restora­tion for screens so the focused but­ton is remem­bered when re-enter­ing a screen
  • Fixed visu­al effects remain on screen dur­ing End of Round
  • Com­moRose
    • Improved respon­sive­ness of Com­moRose opening
    • Fixed inac­tive objec­tives show­ing in the Com­moRose for defend­ers in Rush & Breakthrough
    • Fixed objec­tives not show­ing in the Com­moRose for attack­ers in Rush

Match­mak­ing & Friends

  • Improved the expe­ri­ence between EOR and the Main Menu
  • Improved Match­mak­ing reli­a­bil­i­ty and reduced instances of Match­mak­ing failed
  • Improved Cross­play invite flows
  • Fixed Rich pres­ence update issues, ensur­ing that your friends are bet­ter able to track where you are in Game
  • Addressed servers get­ting stuck in unre­spon­sive game states, where rounds fail to prop­er­ly start
  • Fix­es to Friend Invi­ta­tions for play­ers on PC
  • Fixed an issue where the friends list was some­times not ful­ly up to date

Pro­gres­sion and Unlocks

  • Intro­duc­tion of week­ly mis­sions, pro­vid­ing set chal­lenges that reward cos­met­ic unlocks
  • Added 1st match bonus of 1000 Dark Mar­ket Cred­its for Haz­ard Zone
  • Improved over­all XP/Rank track­ing and reliability
  • Improved Mas­tery rank tracking
  • Improved reli­a­bil­i­ty of Play­er card tracking
  • The required lev­el to unlock an item is no longer vis­i­ble once the item is unlocked
  • Fixed a bug where Mas­tery Badges weren’t dis­play­ing with­in the Por­tal Col­lec­tion menu
  • Fixed an issue that was not prop­er­ly award­ing XP for Angel resupplies
  • 3D pre­view of vehi­cles now dis­plays the cor­rect cus­tomiza­tions in the Col­lec­tion menu
  • Added a noti­fi­ca­tion when reach­ing a new Play­er Card Badge tier
  • Added a noti­fi­ca­tion when reach­ing a new Mas­tery tier


  • Addressed a vari­ety of visu­al flick­er­ing and stut­ter­ing issues
  • Improve­ments to water ren­der­ing when Aim­ing Down Sight (ADS)
  • Added sight def­i­n­i­tion for iron sights to allow cor­rect ADS for the VCAR
  • Leav­ing ADS is now smoother than before on Xbox One and PlaySta­tion 4 consoles
  • Addressed mul­ti­ple graph­i­cal issues affect­ing water reflections
  • Addressed an issue with char­ac­ter ren­der­ing for play­ers join­ing a match in progress
  • Made improve­ments to arti­facts affect­ing DLSS implementation
  • Fixed flick­er­ing in the oasis water in El Alamein on deploy
  • Fixed ani­ma­tions some­times glitch­ing when pick­ing up a weapon from the ground
  • Fixed Air­crafts some­times show­ing up with wrong land­ing gear visuals
  • Fixed issue that would cause incor­rect bul­let impact effects when shoot­ing near water
  • Fixed Ju-87 Stu­ka Gun­ner Seat fir­ing visu­al effects not align­ing prop­er­ly with the airplane
  • Shift­ed PSO‑1 Scope for­ward on AN94 to pre­vent clip­ping into screen while idle
  • Fixed skin­ning issues for sev­er­al PP-29 Weapon Skins


  • Over 150 indi­vid­ual fix­es, small changes, and improve­ments across all of our Maps
  • Improved lev­el geom­e­try issues across all lev­els address­ing issues such play­ers get­ting snagged or trapped
  • Resolved mul­ti­ple spawn­ing issues
  • Resolved visu­al glitch­es such as lens flare, vis­i­ble seams in skydome
  • Resolved a large num­ber of col­li­sion and place­ment issues
  • Addressed issues affect­ing local audio place­ment in mul­ti­ple Maps

Bat­tle­field Haz­ard Zone

  • Made improve­ments to visu­al pre­sen­ta­tion of Dark Mar­ket Credits
  • Mod­i­fied the Squad and Play­er Screen to remove ene­my squad names
  • Mod­i­fied the Score­board to no longer show con­nect­ed ene­my players
  • Added addi­tion­al flares to Extrac­tion Zone, offer­ing play­ers bet­ter vis­i­bil­i­ty of extrac­tion area, as well as pro­vid­ing addi­tion­al cover
  • Added new spawn loca­tions for ini­tial Data Capsules
  • Increased the amount of Data Dri­ves ini­tial Data Cap­sules can contain
  • Made improve­ments to the Data Dri­ve Scanner’s accu­ra­cy and ene­my identification
  • Resolved an issue where two teams could extract simultaneously
  • Resolved warn­ings to alert play­ers they’re being scanned some­times not appearing
  • Made it eas­i­er to inter­act with Data Dri­ve pick-ups
  • Added a dis­tance read-out for the next avail­able Extrac­tion Point
  • Improved the end-of-round cam­era placement
  • The “Mod­i­fy” but­ton in the lob­by now takes you back to the Perk tab
  • Ini­tial Data Cap­sules now only spawn a max­i­mum of 4–6 Oppos­ing Forces
  • Drones inside the extrac­tion Con­dor will now be destroyed upon leaving
  • Added XP for com­plete­ly elim­i­nat­ing an ene­my squad
  • The Rede­ploy icon is now part of the sol­dier and vehi­cle world icon
  • Fixed play­ers some­times being able to pick up more than their max capac­i­ty of Data Drives
  • Fixed instances where the Round Bonus XP was inac­cu­rate and the End of Round was not trig­ger­ing correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the count­down in the lob­by would not start if the play­er was tabbed out
  • Reduced width of lob­by sum­ma­ry information
  • Added an ani­ma­tion and audio cue when the play­er’s Remain­ing Bal­ance changes in the lobby
  • Com­bined Tac­ti­cal Items tab into a sin­gle tab in the lobby
  • Made lock icon visu­als more clear while in the lobby
  • Added an option to Quit from the wait­ing for play­ers to join and pre-round lob­by menu
  • Fixed an issue in the lob­by that made it dif­fi­cult to under­stand what Tac­ti­cal Items are being selected
  • Fixed an issue where voice over would get cut off too ear­ly at the end of round
  • Fixed issues with voice over heard by extract­ing players
  • Fixed issues with ran­dom audio trig­gers for the Data Dri­ve Scanner
  • Fixed miss­ing music when squad gets eliminated

Bat­tle­field Portal

  • Added Serv­er Info for the Pause Menu
  • Added sup­port for report­ing a serv­er from the Pause Menu
  • Added sup­port for serv­er admins to write peri­od­ic serv­er messages
  • Sim­pli­fied the Serv­er Set­tings screen design
  • Fixed an issue where bul­let spread would be too high when try­ing to fire while zoomed right after sprint­ing for some Por­tal weapons
  • Fixed max­i­mum human play­ers dis­play­ing incor­rect­ly in the Mod­i­fiers Tab for FFA game modes
  • Added dif­fer­ent load­ing music based on which Por­tal map is loading
  • Set­ting a low Max Health mul­ti­pli­er for vehi­cles will no longer cause them to spawn in on fire
  • Air­craft with­in Por­tal now dis­play their equipped mis­siles and bombs correctly
  • Added a UI indi­ca­tor for Rush to show when the next sec­tor will start
  • Fixed a visu­al issue while reload­ing sev­er­al Launch­ers (RPG‑7, SMAW, Bazooka, Panzerschreck)

Builder addi­tions

  • Rush game mode lay­outs for all 2042 All-Out War­fare maps (through Portal)
  • New offi­cial Vehi­cle Team Death­match game mode
  • New offi­cial Team & FFA Gun Mas­ter templates
  • New offi­cial Infec­tion template

Rules Edi­tor

  • Added the abil­i­ty to detect what play­ers were killed with in order to apply addi­tion­al Logic
  • Enable the por­tal Set­TeamId block to be usable with AI

Bat­tle­field 1942

  • Fixed spot­ting issues for the Binoculars
  • Fixed an issue that caused the M3 Half­track and Sd. Kfz 251 Half­track to some­times dip into the terrain
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 9K22 Tunguska‑M to take too much dam­age from some vehi­cle MG’s

Bat­tle­field: Bad Com­pa­ny 2

  • Improved the M416 reload animation
  • The Trac­er Dart now locks suc­cess­ful­ly on tagged vehicle
  • Mor­tar Strike can no longer be fired while not zoomed
  • Addi­tion­al tun­ing to the UAV‑1

Bat­tle­field 3

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the M3A3 Bradley pri­ma­ry and APFSDS‑T Shells to con­tin­ue fir­ing uninterrupted
  • Fixed a bug that pre­vent­ed the SOFLAM and MAV gad­gets main­tain­ing their pre­vi­ous aim direc­tion when a play­er re-entered them
  • Fixed a bug that caused the MAV, EOD Bot and SOFLAM gad­gets to show a pre­view mod­el after it had already been placed
  • Added new and clas­sic voice over lines for damaging/killing an ene­my with a Defib­ril­la­tor using BF3 Assault characters
  • The Mi-28 Hav­oc and AH-64 Apache Rock­et Pods now have the same reload time
  • EOD Bot now has a Vehi­cle Sta­tus Icon to assist with dri­ver orientation
  • Rebal­anced the Su-35BM Flanker‑E to match the health of oth­er jets
  • The FGM-148 Javelin now has two dis­tinct fir­ing types
  • Bal­anc­ing pass on C‑RAM and Pantsir stationary
  • Increased the reload time for Guid­ed Rocket
  • Fixed pas­sive spot­ting issues for the MAV

UX Improve­ments

  • Made a series of visu­al, audio, and game­play improve­ments to weapons, vehi­cles, and gadgets
  • Improved the Plus Menu cus­tomiza­tion experience
  • Fixed nav­i­ga­tion­al issues on the Play­er Card Col­lec­tion screen
  • Added a new Options to select dam­age the indi­ca­tor col­or for sol­diers and vehicles
  • Added a new crosshair option to change dam­age indi­ca­tor shape thick­ness between: Thin — Medi­um — Thick’
  • Replaced the “Acces­si­bil­i­ty” but­ton in the Expe­ri­ence Selec­tion with “Acces­si­bil­i­ty & Options”
  • Fixed the col­or pick­er pre­view in Options menu often show­ing black, instead of the actu­al color
  • Pinged objects now remain vis­i­ble when occluded


  • Tuned infor­ma­tion spam­ming in Con­quest, reduc­ing the amount of mes­sages that appear in the world log. In par­tic­u­lar we reduced mes­sages about flag state changes so that they’re not as distracting


  • Tuned cap­ture times for Breakthrough
  • Improved out of bounds defend­er spawn­ing in Break­through to ensure eas­i­er safe spawning
  • Made improve­ments to the Break­through UI to enable you to bet­ter track round progress in the form of a Game Mode Widget
  • The Game Mode Wid­get inside the Score­board has been updat­ed to put empha­sis on sec­tors and attack­ers rein­force­ments. Note that it only dis­plays while play­ing Break­through and Rush
  • Elapsed time is now added and track­able in both the Score­board & Deploy Screen.
  • Added a pul­sat­ing effect on the Team 1 (attack­er) score and progress bar when their tick­ets are =< 25% of their ini­tial tick­ets. This is also present in the GMW in the HUD, Score­board and Deploy Screen for both Rush and Breakthrough
  • Made UI improve­ments to indi­cate when the attack­ing team has reached the last sector
  • Made UI improve­ments to indi­cate when the defend­ing team los­es a sector
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the End of Round screen to dis­play inac­cu­rate scores for the attack­ing team

Dynam­ic World Improvements

  • Addressed issues for VFX affect­ing late-joiners
  • Made improve­ments to cor­rect­ly align the bridge behav­ior on Kalei­do­scope for late join­ers to the match
  • Made improve­ments to cor­rect­ly align the destruc­tive silos state for late join­ers in Renew­al and Orbital
  • Improved inter­ac­tion of SG-36 Sen­try Gun and elevators
  • Qual­i­ty of Life fix­es and improve­ments to inter­act prompts
  • Tor­na­do and smoke visu­al effect improvements
  • Resolved a large num­ber of col­li­sion issues with large scale ani­ma­tion events
  • Improved loca­tion-based sand­storm audio experience
  • Improve­ments to destruc­tion audio
  • Adjust­ed the tim­ing for auto­mat­ic doors


  • Added a UI ele­ment that shows near­by play­ers that can revive you with­in 50m when downed
  • Added a UI ele­ment that shows incom­ing revivers when downed and pinged by a play­er that intends to revive you
  • When low on ammo or health, near­by friend­ly play­ers with­in 50m will now show a resource icon above their head indi­cat­ing that they can pro­vide you with health or ammo
  • Increased Big Map Res­o­lu­tion for improved navigation
  • Added health bars on ene­my vehi­cles (up to 200m) and ene­my sol­diers when looked at (up to 50m)
  • All play­er world icons now scale over dis­tance, mak­ing them small­er when far away in an effort to reduce icons clut­ter­ing the screen
  • Time before revive com­ple­tion is now vis­i­ble for the downed play­er when being revived
  • Fixed an issue where friend­ly play­er icons would some­times not be hid­den behind walls, which caused screen clutter
  • Fixed an issue where friend­ly sol­diers are miss­ing their blue UI icons when a play­er is in a downed state
  • Fixed an issue where some play­er names don’t show when look­ing at mul­ti­ple sol­diers or vehi­cles next to each other
  • Changed the vis­i­bil­i­ty behav­ior of the fire mode icon in the HUD. By default, the fire mode icon is now vis­i­ble if it is cur­rent­ly pos­si­ble to change fire-mode. The behav­ior can be changed to allow the fire mode icon to always be vis­i­ble (even if it’s not pos­si­ble to change fire mode) or turned off. The option is called “Fire Mode Indi­ca­tor” under “HUD” Options
  • Added an option that allows for the dis­abling of the but­ton prompts vis­i­ble in the HUD
  • Added mes­sage about which play­er healed you when get­ting healed by oth­er players
  • Added mes­sage about which play­er shared ammo when get­ting ammo from oth­er players
  • Fixed an issue where IFF mark­ers on squad mem­bers do not change with col­or­blind option
  • Improved vis­i­bil­i­ty of IFF marks over distances
  • Fixed an issue where IFF mark­ers would not be vis­i­ble when using low video settings
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD/UI some­times wasn’t vis­i­ble when join­ing a Por­tal game after quit­ting the pre­vi­ous Por­tal match
  • Reload UI hints now stop pul­sat­ing after 4 seconds
  • Added an option to show or hide but­ton prompts in the HUD
  • Added an option to show or hide the Reac­tive hints in the HUD (reload, low on ammo etc…)
  • Added an option to cus­tomize the vis­i­bil­i­ty of the fire mode indi­ca­tor’s prompt and icon in the HUD (When avail­able, Always ON, ADS Only)


  • Fixed issue where Bots some­times didn’t revive players
  • Improved Bots heli­copter handling
  • Improved Bots com­bat behaviors
  • Improved Bots gamem­o­de behaviors


  • Improved reli­a­bil­i­ty of var­i­ous abil­i­ty sounds when off­screen, such as reiv­ing, SOB‑8 Bal­lis­tic Shield, flares, wing­suit, para­chute, vehi­cle smoke dis­charges and sys­tem repairs
  • Improved weapon audio for ene­mies fir­ing at the play­er, includ­ing at a distance
  • Switched lock-on warn­ing sound with incom­ing mis­sile warn­ing sound
  • Tweaked audio dur­ing End of Round
  • Added a ping sound for “Request Revive” to help mark your location
  • Tweaked the sound when ping­ing a downed friend­ly player
  • Made improve­ments to ground vehi­cle gear shifts and sus­pen­sion sounds
  • Warn­ing and Trans­mis­sion sounds will no longer repeat on vehi­cle low health
  • Switched locked on warn­ing sound with incom­ing mis­sile warn­ing sound
  • Added audio for dam­aged engine fires on vehicles
  • It’s now eas­i­er to hear the LCAA Hov­er­craft when it’s behind players



  • Load­out Crate
    • Play­ers that require armor and can receive it now have a white out­line around them to indi­cate that the mag­net­ism will throw the armor to the out­lined player.
    • When using the Load­out Crate, play­ers can now scroll if more than 4 load­outs are available
    • Visu­al effects and pol­ish on destruc­tion and despawn­ing of Load­out Crate
    • The cooldown for the resup­ply action on the Load­out Crate is now shared between Load­out Crates
    • Added a unique sound when pick­ing up armor
    • Added the abil­i­ty to self-apply armor with Angel’s Sup­ply Bag
    • Load­out Crate can now no longer be called-in when under­neath tall buildings
    • Added a hand ges­ture ani­ma­tion when plac­ing the Load­out Crate
    • Angels armor and ammo sup­ply pouch now auto tar­gets towards friend­lies with low ammo and not only low armor


  • Fixed an issue where switch­ing to Irish via Por­tals Set­Play­ersSol­dier com­mand would cause the Deploy­able Cov­er abil­i­ty to not play any animations
  • Updat­ed Irish’s gad­get pre­view video found on the “More Info” screen
  • DCS Deploy­able Cover
    • Fixed an issue where the DCS Deploy­able Cov­er Min­imap Icon was not dis­played correctly
    • Improved reli­a­bil­i­ty of the DCS Deploy­able Cover’s deploy­able place­ment allow­ing place­ment on more angled surfaces


  • SOB‑8 Bal­lis­tic Shield
    • Fixed an issue where the SOB‑8 Bal­lis­tic Shield didn’t block bul­lets when inside an elevator.
    • Fixed an issue where Doz­er would not be tar­get­ed by Boris’s SG-36 Sen­try Gun and AI ignor­ing the user while hav­ing a SOB‑8 Bal­lis­tic Shield equipped.
    • Fixed an issue where play­ers couldn’t enter vehi­cles while the SOB‑8 Bal­lis­tic Shield was equipped
    • Fixed an issue where reviv­ing is hard to per­form while hav­ing the SOB‑8 Bal­lis­tic Shield equipped
    • Fixed an issue where killing a play­er with the SOB‑8 Bal­lis­tic Shield would also take the victim’s dogtag.
    • Fixed an issue where play­ers were flung up in the air after being melee’d by Doz­ers with his shield equipped
    • Fixed a bug where Doz­er could steal a take­down kill from friend­lies using shield bash
    • Reduced Doz­er’s deflec­tion dam­age from his shield
    • Removed the head­shot mul­ti­pli­er from Doz­er’s deflec­tion damage


  • Cyber War­fare Suite
    • Added a short grace peri­od for Rao’s Cyber War­fare Suite when some­thing occludes the tar­get being hacked. This will help most fre­quent­ly when try­ing to hack vehi­cles that may be dri­ving in front of trees
    • Fixed issue where the Cyber War­fare Suite would trig­ger “Ene­my Hacked” voice over with­out eli­gi­ble ene­mies being present


  • EMG‑X Scan­ner
    • Added a sound effect for the vic­tims being scanned by the EMG‑X Scanner
    • Fixed miss­ing sound for AR-Scan­ner when own­er of abil­i­ty is out of view
    • The EMG‑X Scan­ner should now be able to spot tar­gets above or below Paik.
    • Dis­abled the usage of EMG‑X Scan­ner while inside vehicles
    • Fixed the EMG‑X Scanner’s “tar­get found” audio effect not work­ing for tar­gets beyond 20m


  • OV‑P Recon Drone
    • Fixed an issue where user is unable to deploy the OV‑P Recon Drone while in a prone position
    • Improved the vis­i­bil­i­ty of Ene­my Recon Drones; they now have lights mak­ing them eas­i­er to see
    • Play­ers now switch back to their pre­vi­ous weapon after exit­ing the OV‑P Recon Drone
    • Updat­ed OV‑P Recon Drone EMP hint mes­sage to clar­i­fy that fir­ing requires a lock on
    • Increased the range of the EMP on the OV‑P Recon Drone
    • Fixed an issue where Casper’s OV‑P Recon Drone is some­times unable to lock onto ene­my targets
    • Increased the OV‑P Recon Drone’s move­ment speed
    • Increased the OV‑P Recon Drone’s hit­box size to make it eas­i­er to hit.
    • Adjust­ed the “near drone” spot­ting distance
    • Adjust­ed the size of the spot­ting area when con­trol­ling the drone’s cam­era view.


  • SG-36 Sen­try Gun
    • The SG-36 Sen­try Gun will now be destroyed when the own­er dies instead of when the own­er is downed
    • Fixed an issue where Boris’ SG-36 Sen­try Gun would not be able to acquire tar­gets that are near a vehicle


  • Moved Sun­dance’s scat­ter grenade to det­o­nate after first bounce to allow vic­tims the chance to move away if they are thrown at low altitude
  • Wing­suit
    • Fixed an issue where the repair tool crosshair was vis­i­ble in the wing­suit when you entered the wing­suit whilst hav­ing the repair tool equipped
    • Fixed an issue when unde­ploy­ing and then deploy­ing the Wing­suit can cause 1p view while flying
  • Grenade Belt
    • Fixed an issue where the Sundance’s Anti-Armor grenade could get stuck cir­cling in air after the tar­get­ed vehi­cle deploys counter-mea­sures or attempt to tar­get anoth­er vehi­cle instead
    • Adjust­ed the behav­ior of Sundance’s split­ter frag­ment grenades to bounce once before detonating


  • S21 Syrette Pistol
    • Added Lock On and Lock Off sounds for S21 Syrette Pis­tol for when a tar­get is des­ig­nat­ed by the mag­net­ism of the S21 Syrette Pistol
    • Play­ers that require health and can receive it now have a white out­line around them to indi­cate that the mag­net­ism will fire at the out­lined target.
    • Added heal­ing VFX for when you’re being healed by the S21 Syrette Pistol
    • Added sound feed­back for when being healed by the S21 Syrette Pistol


  • Grap­pling Hook
    • Fixed an issue where the Grap­pling Hook rope got mis­aligned in front of the gad­get after chang­ing FOV settings
    • Fixed the vault after the Grap­pling Hook ani­ma­tion where it could cause cam­era jerks or pro­vide no ani­ma­tion at all
    • Reduced dam­age of the Grap­ple Gun


  • Fixed issue where mis­sile coun­ter­mea­sures some­times didn’t work, caus­ing mis­siles to not blow up and instead reac­quire the same target
  • Made exit posi­tion from vehi­cles more consistent
  • Made improve­ments to con­troller vibra­tion for vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where the MD540 Night­bird Mount­ed 20mm Can­nons hit­ting the ground can appear frozen
  • Bal­anced MD540 Night­bird Mount­ed Mini­guns spread buildup and convergence
  • AH-64GX Apache Warchief & KA-520 Super Hokum 127mm Anti-Vehi­cle Rock­et Packs will no longer have blast impulse upon firing
  • Fixed an issue where a play­er dri­ving the LCAA Hov­er­craft can not be shot through the front window
  • Fixed the F‑35E Pan­ther repair sys­tem abil­i­ty miss­ing from customisation
  • Added an option to have vehi­cle boost as tog­gle or hold
  • Fixed an issue where vehi­cles took dou­ble dam­age when get­ting hit through glass
  • Improved TOW Mis­sile Pro­jec­tiles fly­ing behavior
  • Removed blast impulse on Attack Heli­copters Anti Vehi­cle Rock­et which caused nudg­ing of vehi­cles on hit
  • Fixed instances where vehi­cles some­times would become stuck on world geometry
  • Fixed an issue which pre­vent­ed the Ranger from turn­ing into a rag­doll when destroyed. Destroy­ing the Ranger will look a lot more nat­ur­al now.
  • Fixed a bug where Ranger would lose con­nec­tion to play­er who called them in after being downed
  • Fixed some wheeled vehi­cles con­tin­u­ing to roll back­wards when reverse is released
  • Adjust­ed FOV sense of speed effect on vehicles
  • Land vehi­cles could some­times get “stuck” when dri­ving on top of some­thing that makes all or most of the wheels lose con­tact with the ground. It should now be eas­i­er to become unstuck from these sit­u­a­tions by giv­ing nor­mal throt­tle and steer­ing input
  • Fixed kill cam­era going under ground when killed in a vehicle


  • Fixed some issues that pre­vent­ed visu­al hits from reg­is­ter­ing when fir­ing on an ene­my tar­get. Note: fur­ther improve­ments are still being investigated
  • Fixed the 8X Scope hav­ing a faster ADS time than the others
  • Fixed M44 revolver cham­ber­ing an extra bul­let; it will now cor­rect­ly reload 5 bul­lets instead of 6.
  • Fixed an issue where a sol­dier is unable to shoot after get­ting hacked while in a vehicle
  • Reduced switch back to weapon delay after throw­ing grenade
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed to have unlim­it­ed ammo and rapid-fire grenades from the 40mm Under­bar­rel Attachments
  • The 40mm AP pro­jec­tile no longer incor­rect­ly shows a prox­im­i­ty indicator
  • Ammu­ni­tion can now be sup­plied to 40mm Under­bar­rel Attach­ments and their dif­fer­ent ammu­ni­tion types
  • Adjust­ed ret­i­cle posi­tion and bright­ness on PK‑A and Kobra, mak­ing these optics eas­i­er to use


  • Reduced effec­tive­ness of the NTW-50 against vehicles
  • Anti Materiel Rounds mag­a­zine size increased to 5
  • Low­ered Anti Materiel Rounds dam­age mul­ti­pli­er against heavy vehicles
  • Low­ered Anti Materiel Heavy Rounds dam­age mul­ti­pli­er against all vehicles


  • Gad­gets no longer pause their cooldown when the play­er enters a vehicle
  • Gad­gets will move with ele­va­tors rather than get­ting destroyed
  • Carl Gustaf, RPG, Wild­cat AA mis­siles, Bolte mis­sile bar­rage will not re-lock onto vehi­cles if they have been flared
  • Adjust­ed glass on Orbital to allow grenades to pass through win­dows instead of bounc­ing back at players

CG Recoil­less M5

  • Fixed a bug where the CG Recoil­less M5 would not lose its lock on to ene­my air vehi­cles when locked on via SOFLAM Des­ig­na­tor and the tar­get deployed countermeasures
  • Adjust­ed range find­er and time of flight infor­ma­tion on the Recoil­less M5 to bet­ter mir­ror its prop­er game­play capa­bil­i­ties / timings

C5 Explo­sive

  • Fixed a bug where the C5 Explo­sive blast dam­age was some­times incon­sis­tent when try­ing to det­o­nate the C5 Explo­sive on a mov­ing vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where the C5 Explo­sive serv­er and client posi­tions were not cor­rect­ly synced
  • Adjust­ed the deploy time of the C5 Explo­sive and reduced the delay before allow­ing it to be det­o­nat­ed to improve responsiveness.

SOFLAM Des­ig­na­tor

  • Fixed an issue where the visu­al SOFLAM Des­ig­na­tor UI ele­ments are still present on the screen when switch­ing to oth­er gad­gets while zoomed
  • Fixed the SOFLAM Designator’s tooltip text being misaligned

Anti-Tank Mine

  • Fixed an issue that caused Mines and oth­er deploy­ables to not trig­ger sound effects when deployed from inside a vehicle

Med­ical Crate and Ammo Crate

  • Fixed issue where the Med­ical Crate heal­ing cooldown was trig­gered when at Full HP.
  • Adjust­ed Med­ical and Ammo crates’ tra­jec­to­ry to align with the ani­ma­tion of the throw and address jitter
  • Improved respon­sive­ness of Med­ical and Ammo crates deploy­ment. It is now pos­si­ble to throw them a lot quick­er after select­ing them
  • Fixed an issue where the resup­ply ani­ma­tion would not play when resup­ply­ing gad­gets from the Ammo Crate

Smoke Grenade

  • Changed the det­o­na­tion behav­ior of the Smoke Grenade; it will now bounce once before detonating
  • Fixed an issue where Smoke Grenades could be destroyed by bul­lets or explosions
  • Fixed an issue where the VO was not trig­ger­ing when an ene­my Spe­cial­ists’ Smoke Grenade has been thrown

Frag Grenade

  • Ensured that the grenade warn­ing icon does not draw under cer­tain ele­ments of the HUD like the minimap

Repair Tool

  • Fixed an issue where the Repair Tool can repair vehi­cles while not fac­ing the vehicle.
  • Improved the Repair Tool so that it is quick­er to equip and put away

Inser­tion Beacon

  • Fixed an issue where pick­ing up an Inser­tion Bea­con would not make any sounds.
  • EMP now blocks spawn­ing on Inser­tion Beacons
  • Reduced the delay before the Inser­tion Bea­con is placed after throw­ing it

FXM-33 AA Missile

  • The FXM-33 AA Mis­sile reload sound effect will now appro­pri­ate­ly fit the ani­ma­tion of reloading
  • Extend­ed the ani­ma­tion of the FXM-33 AA Mis­sile reload


  • Added turn in place ani­ma­tions for one-hand­ed and two-hand­ed gadgets
  • Pron­ing with your legs dan­gling in the air will push you off that object, how­ev­er allow­ing for time to cor­rect yourself
  • Reduced occur­rences where Spe­cial­ists can be seen with low qual­i­ty ani­ma­tions in the distance
  • Adjust­ed the pose of the legs when falling to avoid legs block­ing the view
  • Adjust­ed sol­dier ani­ma­tions when swimming.
  • Var­i­ous visu­al adjust­ments and fix­es for Specialists
  • Addressed issues where play­ers prone on thin sur­faces could be seen float­ing in the air. They will now tend to fall if the sur­face is not large enough.
  • Fixed a bug where play­ers could get stuck in swim­ming state on ground
  • Fixed miss­ing weapon deploy ani­ma­tion when tran­si­tion­ing from water to land.
  • Fixed issues where the sol­dier would some­times not prop­er­ly fol­low the ground when sliding
  • Fixed an issue where jump­ing would be buffered if hold­ing jump when try­ing to stand up from crouch or prone pose
  • Fixed an issue where it is not pos­si­ble to look up and down enough while prone on a slope
  • Fixed an issue where char­ac­ter hands were not in con­tact with lad­ders when FOV was high­er than default
  • Fixed an issue where you could turn and see your own head­less first per­son body while on ladders
  • Fixed an issue where set­ting the “Always Tra­ver­sal Sprint” Option would some­times not allow the play­er to tra­ver­sal sprint with the intend­ed speed
  • Fixed an issue where attempt­ing to tra­ver­sal sprint while swim­ming result­ed in an incor­rect swim­ming animation.
  • Fixed an issue where your first per­son sol­dier would some­times not play the cor­rect sprint animation
  • Fixed an issue where cer­tain vehi­cle weapons could deal dam­age to sol­diers by dam­ag­ing the parachute.
  • Fixed an issue where your third per­son ani­ma­tion could get stuck in a prone turn in place loop even though you had stopped turning


  • Adjust­ed the tim­ing of sound of take­downs on ene­mies being prone
  • Improved the speed in which the weapon switch­es when watch­ing anoth­er play­er melee attack
  • Decreased the range in which you can melee a player
  • You can no longer per­form a take­down on a sol­dier climb­ing a ladder
  • Melee­ing unoc­cu­pied light vehi­cles now allows you to slight­ly push the vehi­cle which can help when vehi­cles get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers some­times got thrown up in the air while using melee
  • Fixed take­downs on ene­mies lying prone not work­ing from all angles
  • Fixed an ani­ma­tion issue while tak­ing down an ene­my that is prone on stairs
  • Fixed a cam­era bug for melee­ing play­ers while stand­ing on a mov­ing platform
  • Fixed a bug where melee attacks in water could put the play­er in a bro­ken state
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers were able to gain veloc­i­ty by hop­ping on and off a lad­der and hit melee
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