Battlefield 2042’s Season 1 Delayed To Summer 2022; DICE Promises Improvements

DICE, devel­op­ers of Bat­tle­field 2042, stat­ed in a blog post that the stu­dio is com­mit­ted to ele­vat­ing the game to the “high­est stan­dards.” But with this pledge came out­lined planes for the future of the game, includ­ing delay­ing the launch of Sea­son 1 to lat­er this year.

We have heard you. So, we are heav­i­ly invest­ed and com­mit­ted to the future of Bat­tle­field 2042–working on tak­ing action on mul­ti­ple fronts to address feed­back and imple­ment exten­sive fix­es to the game, key fea­tures that are impor­tant to you, and get­ting team play where it needs to be,” DICE said in this post.

The devel­op­er said it need­ed to make “some big deci­sions” about Bat­tle­field 2042’s live-ser­vice sup­port. This is what’s caus­ing the delay of Sea­son 1’s launch, which won’t be arriv­ing until some­time this sum­mer. “This deci­sion gives us the time to focus on improv­ing the Bat­tle­field 2042 expe­ri­ence while final­iz­ing the devel­op­ment of our sea­son­al con­tent to ensure that it all reach­es our stan­dard for qual­i­ty,” DICE explained.

Bat­tle­field 2042 play­ers should also look for­ward to sev­er­al key fea­tures that will be added to the game “as soon as pos­si­ble,” includ­ing the updat­ed Score­board. DICE also has plans to bring voice com­mu­ni­ca­tion (VOIP) to Bat­tle­field 2042 (and all plat­forms), along­side a new “Play­er Pro­file” that will help play­ers see their achievements.

DICE is also work­ing on a “clear­er, tighter squad loop” to help with team play, as well as a “refined” ping sys­tem. The team is also look­ing to add an “improved reward loop” to encour­age users to play the objec­tive. DICE is also look­ing at mak­ing changes to weapon bal­ance, along with adjust­ments to Spe­cial­ists and the Por­tal Mode.

Addi­tion­al­ly, DICE wants to change how it com­mu­ni­cates with its fan­base.  “We are also going to clar­i­fy the direc­tion we’re tak­ing, and what’s moti­vat­ing our deci­sions to bring improve­ments to the game. So expect to get more insight as we expand our exist­ing feed­back loops to involve you, our play­ers, more direct­ly,” DICE said.

DICE out­lined how they will com­mu­ni­cate going forward:

  1. We will present spe­cif­ic, major focus areas to you along with our cur­rent think­ing, detail­ing where we’re plan­ning to make changes.
  2. We’ll then take the time to observe and lis­ten to the con­ver­sa­tions that you go on to have about both the area of con­cern and our pro­pos­als for adjustment.
  3. Lat­er, you’ll hear from us on the top­ic again but this time your feed­back will have been fac­tored into our con­sid­er­a­tion and guid­ed the deci­sions made for improvements.

Over­all, DICE’s goal is to bet­ter explain to the play­ers the stu­dio’s ratio­nal behind changes it makes to Bat­tle­field 2042. “We want you to see more of the big pic­ture of where we’re going and incor­po­rate more of what we’‘e already hear­ing to ensure that our work is mean­ing­ful to you,” DICE said.

For those who pur­chased the gold or Ulti­mate edi­tions, DICE is giv­ing away an exclu­sive bun­dle fea­tur­ing skins, a melee weapon, and a play­er card. This is an attempt to make up for the delay of Sea­son 1. You can check the bun­dle out below.

Battlefield 2042's Season 1 Delayed To Summer 2022; DICE Promises Improvements
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