Battlefield 2042’s Portal Mode Has Gone Through Some Changes

The next update has arrived to Bat­tle­field 2042’s Por­tal and has changed up how the fea­tured modes work, adjust­ing both the num­ber of fea­tured expe­ri­ences and how often they refresh. This was announced on the Bat­tle­field Direct Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Twit­ter account, with it stat­ing that the num­ber of fea­tured modes will be reduced from five to two, but they will refresh twice a week instead of once.

These adjust­ments have already tak­en affect, as the refresh occurred on Thurs­day, March 24th. The fea­tured modes include 2042 TDM, 1942 vs 2042 Con­quest, and Rush Hard­core. After­wards, fea­tured expe­ri­ences will update twice a week, every Mon­day and Thursday.

In the Twit­ter thread, DICE explains the rea­son­ing for the change is to put more focus on the game modes when they are fea­tured by reduc­ing the num­ber that are shown at one time. DICE is also intro­duc­ing a new Fri­day Night Bat­tle­field expe­ri­ence, which will be avail­able every Fri­day through Por­tal for a full 24 hours, with a new game expe­ri­ence avail­able every week.

Despite the game’s strong sales, Bat­tle­field 2042 has had a rough go of it. Over 220,000 play­ers have signed a peti­tion ask­ing for a refund on the title. Mean­while, DICE has released a num­ber of patch­es to fix issues in line with play­er feed­back, but it has­n’t changed the nar­ra­tive around the game. EA has even stat­ed that the game failed to meet its expec­ta­tions in Q3.

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