Battlefield 2042 Will Put Bots In Matches If They Can’t Fill Up With Real People

Cur­rent-gen con­soles received some crazy news dur­ing DICE’s offi­cial reveal of Bat­tle­field 2042. Lob­bies can now reach up to 128 play­ers for next-gen. How­ev­er, since this would require a con­sis­tent high play­er count–and because this is not a guarantee–DICE has come up with plan. Bots… a lot of bots. 

Accord­ing to a post on EA’s web­site, Bat­tle­field 2042 will keep servers packed with AI fight­ers. This isn’t a guar­an­tee that you’ll duke it out with bots in every match. The post states these AI sol­dier will be used for serv­er-fill­ing capa­bil­i­ties, ensur­ing your match­es remain full, no mat­ter your loca­tion.” So, if your serv­er can’t be filled with 128 real play­ers, bots will step in to fill the gaps.

It’s worth men­tion­ing that last-gen con­sole play­ers are unlike­ly to see as many bots, because of low­er play­er counts. The PS4 and Xbox One will only sup­port match­es of up to 64 players.

The inclu­sion of AI sol­diers is some­thing that play­ers are more like­ly to deal with when a major­i­ty of the play­er base has moved on to oth­er games. This applies to any­one who is play­ing Bat­tle­field 2042 in the ear­ly hours of the morn­ing dur­ing the week or when dips in play­er count could cause bots to fill lobbies.

You can check out the game­play trail­er that was released dur­ing the Xbox and Bethes­da show­case, as well as the pre­order guide.

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