Battlefield 2042 Removes Zombies Mode After Players Found Out It’s An XP Farm

DICE released the com­mu­ni­ty-based Zom­bie Sur­vival game mode on Jan­u­ary 20th but, just a day lat­er, had to remove it after play­ers dis­cov­ered it was a great XP farm. Senior design direc­tor Justin Wiebe form Rip­ple Effect Stu­dios stat­ed the mode needs to “go back into the work­shop for a bit.”

Wiebe was hop­ing Zom­bie Suri­val could be fixed to align prop­er­ly with stan­dard game pro­gres­sion.” The devel­op­er also men­tioned that the teams work­ing on Bat­tle­field 2042 have “tight­ened” their review process to ensure prob­lems like this don’t hap­pen in the future. “Thanks for your patience and under­stand­ing,” Wiebe said.

Zom­bies Sur­vival is a fan-made game mode that was released in Bat­tle­field 2042’s Por­tal. It the typ­i­cal zom­bies game, with teams of four play­ers fend­ing off end­less waves of the undead. Play­ers quick­ly found ways to use this game mode to farm XP that applies to oth­er ele­ments of Bat­tle­field 2042. This was putting the gen­er­al XP bal­ance of the over­all game out of wack, which is par­tial­ly the rea­son for its removal.

Wiebe admit­ted that Zom­bie Sur­vival should have nev­er released to Bat­tle­field 2042. “I think our desire to cre­ate a fun zom­bies mode cloud­ed our abil­i­ty to see such a sim­ple thing like the impact it would have on pro­gres­sion. I’m very sor­ry for the hard­ship this has caused,” Wiebe explained.

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