Battlefield 2042 Issue Won’t Allow Players To Look Left And Right On PC

Bat­tle­field 2042’s third major update was recent­ly released, and it may arrived with an unex­pect­ed game-break­ing bug. Accord­ing to a post from the Bat­tle­field Direct Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Twit­ter account (along with sev­er­al users on Red­dit), some play­ers on PC have been unable to make hor­i­zon­tal mouse inputs since down­load­ing the lat­est patch.

Obvi­ous­ly, not being able to look left or right in an FPS is a major prob­lem. Those play­ing Bat­tle­field 2042 on PC can fix this issue, but they have to be will­ing to sac­ri­fice all of their in-game set­tings to imple­ment it.

To apply the fix, nav­i­gate to My Doc­u­ments, Bat­tle­field 2042, Set­tings in the file direc­to­ry and delete the “PROFSAVE” files. Remov­ing these will restore the game to default set­tings, so play­ers with cus­tom key­binds will have to re-apply those cus­tom lay­outs. How­ev­er, fan-run Twit­ter account Bat­tle­field Bul­letin tweet­ed play­ers only have to delete a set num­ber of lines in one file. 

Along­side this bug, Bat­tle­field 2042’s devel­op­ers did note a rise in the “Unable to load per­sis­tence data” error that pre­vents play­ers from con­nect­ing to a match. This error was a seri­ous issue when the game launched in ear­ly access in Novem­ber. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, play­ers have no way to fix this par­tic­u­lar prob­lem as it’s serv­er-side and needs to be han­dled by DICE.

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