Battleborn Now Has Free Multiplayer And More Beginner Support

Bat­tle­born now has a “free unlim­it­ed mul­ti­play­er tri­al” avail­able for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This will essen­tial­ly be a free ver­sion of Bat­tle­born that allows peo­ple to play mul­ti­play­er with a small­er selec­tion of characters.

The free tri­al will not have restric­tions on any of the mul­ti­play­er game modes or maps. How­ev­er play­ers will be restrict­ed to a rota­tion of 6 char­ac­ters that change every Thurs­day. More char­ac­ters can be pur­chased with in-game cur­ren­cy earned from com­plet­ing match­es, sell­ing in-game items known as Gear, or receiv­ing dupli­cate skins from loot box­es. Char­ac­ters can also be pur­chased with pre­mi­um cur­ren­cy called Platinum.

In addi­tion to char­ac­ters, play­ers will also be able to pur­chase the fol­low­ing with­out hav­ing to upgrade to the full game.

  • Cos­met­ics skins and taunts
  • Gear packs
  • XP and Loot Boosters
  • Addi­tion­al Load­outs and Bank pages
  • Sto­ry Oper­a­tions, indi­vid­u­al­ly or as part of the Sea­son Pass bundle
  • Bat­tle Pass­es to access pri­vate matches

All progress and items that a play­er receives dur­ing the free tri­al will car­ry over when the play­er pur­chas­es the full game. Those who pur­chase base game con­tent such as char­ac­ters and sto­ry mis­sions then pur­chase the full game will be refund­ed with equiv­a­lent in-game cur­ren­cy. This refund does not include the 5 DLC char­ac­ters Alani, Pen­dles, Kid Ultra, Beat­rix, and Ernest nor the five DLC sto­ry missions.

 Novice play­er modes have been added to help ease new play­ers into the game. Pre­vi­ous­ly sin­gle­play­er and mul­ti­play­er tuto­ri­als were added in an update how­ev­er these new game modes will allow new­com­ers to play oth­er new­com­ers. All play­ers below Com­mand Rank 20 will have access to these modes with excep­tions of one game mode that locks after reach­ing Com­mand Rank 10. If a play­er still isn’t con­fi­dent in their skills a play­er vs AI mode was added in update a few months ago. Alter­na­tive­ly there is a Dojo mode for play­ers to test out dif­fer­ent builds and characters. 

If you’re still won­der­ing what the deal with the free tri­al is Gear­box released a FAQ about the free tri­al. There is also a video below where Cre­ative Direc­tor Randy Var­nell explains Bat­tle­born and the free trial. 

Gamers who have bought Bat­tle­born before June 6th will receive a Founders Pack as thanks for sup­port­ing the title. The pack should already be avail­able with the oth­er loot packs. Here is what’s includ­ed in the Founders Pack:

  • 1,000 Plat­inum
  • 50,000 Cred­its
  • Exclu­sive “Founder” play­er title
  • Gold skins for Mel­l­ka and Deande
  • 5 Core Loot Packs
  • 1 of each Com­mand Fac­tion Pack (5 total)
  • 1 Exclu­sive “Founder Loot Pack” that includes… 
    • 1 guar­an­teed piece of leg­endary gear
    • 1 guar­an­teed piece of leg­endary boss gear
    • 2 guar­an­teed pieces of com­mon (or bet­ter) gear
    • Guar­an­teed exclu­sive leg­endary “Shard of Solus” gear item (a 0 acti­va­tion cost LLC Shard Generator)
    • 4 guar­an­teed Flair items includ­ing exclu­sive “Founder’s Crown” Flair item

Flairs are a new addi­tion to Bat­tle­born. They are spe­cial pieces of gear that have cos­met­ic items attached to them. These include ears, hats, horns, and more. Flair can be obtained from any loot pack how­ev­er the new, pre­mi­um cur­ren­cy only. Mag­nus loot pack guar­an­tees flairs.

A last note for vet­er­an play­ers. The new patch notes have been released and include major char­ac­ter bal­ance changes to El Dragón and Galilea. There was also a Gear­box live stream that goes over the changes and talks about future content.

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