Bandai Namco Releases Teaser Trailer For Untitled Game With ‘Prepare To Dine’ Tagline

Bandai Nam­co has released an ani­mat­ed teas­er trail­er for an unknown game. 

As of now there is no offi­cial word, but the details sug­gest a new series from the cre­ators of Dark Souls. The “Pre­pare To Dine” tagline is very sim­i­lar to the Dark Souls series’ “Pre­pare To Die” mar­ket­ing slo­gan.  This sim­i­lar­i­ty is espe­cial­ly notable because Bandai Nam­co is the pub­lish­er for Dark Souls and may be mar­ket­ing the new title as sim­i­lar or relat­ed to the Souls series. 

From the trail­er it seems the game is set dur­ing more mod­ern times. A large mod­ern dump­ster and gas mask give this away. The game will also involve vam­pires giv­en the blood drip­ping from the wom­an’s point­ed fangs. Bandai Nam­co has also liked mul­ti­ple com­ments on their YouTube com­ment sec­tion that men­tion vam­pire games and din­ing. Oth­er mon­sters are also clear­ly seen how­ev­er they seem much more ani­mal like and sim­ple. Com­bat in the trail­er seems to sug­gest that game­play will be fast paced. 

For now all we have is spec­u­la­tion, but a full reveal will come April 20th.


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