Assassin’s Creed Origins: Trials of the Gods Event Starts Today

Ubisoft­’s first event for Assas­s­in’s Creed Ori­gins start­ed today, which is called the Tri­al of the Gods. This event is run­ning from now until Novem­ber 14th, so that gives play­ers an entire week to try and com­plete the trial.

First Tri­al

The first God in Tri­als is Anu­bis, he’s the God of Dead (sounds fun). Accord­ing to Ubisoft it’s going to take more than just brute strength to beat him. Anu­bis has  has “sprung from a glitch in the Ani­mus and is eager to guide Bayek’s soul to the after­life, unless you defeat him.”

Anu­bis is marked on your map, so you’ll be able to get to this God with­out a prob­lem. Once reach­ing the loca­tion, a large beam of light will indi­cate where the glitch in the Ani­mus is, and where your bat­tle begins.

Assassin's Creed Origins: Trials of the Gods Event Starts Today

Trea­sure Fit for a God

Dur­ing each event, play­ers will earn one piece of exclu­sive god-themed gear. This is no mat­ter how many times you beat your oppo­nent, you will only get one weapon per event.

No wor­ries, if you miss out you can chal­lenge that God again in the future.

Play­ers who “prove wor­thy”  by attain­ing all four items in the weapon set, you will receive an exclu­sive leg­endary out­fit automatically.

Future Tri­als

After Anu­bis, there will be more Tri­als of the Gods. Just keep your eyes peeled for any in-game glitch­es in the Animus.

Source: Ubisoft

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