Assassin’s Creed 1.30 Patch Notes — Large File Size Difference Between Series X|S And PS5

Ubisoft has released anoth­er big update for Assas­s­in’s Creed Val­hal­la, which arrived ear­ly this morn­ing. They also revealed the full patch notes, which includ­ed details on the file size. This patch also intro­duces lev­el-scal­ing, and is prepar­ing the game for The Siege of Paris DLC. Of course, this update also includes a lot of bug fix­es, some new skills, and a skill tree update.

Now when it comes to file size, Update 1.30 is rather large any way you look at it. Your plat­form will real­ly deter­mine the file size. PS5 users have the low­est of all plat­forms, with only 6.58 GB to down­load, while the Xbox Series X|S will have a 23.79 GB install. That’s quite a dras­tic dif­fer­ence. Ubisoft did not give an expla­na­tion for the gap between the two sys­tems. Xbox One, PS4, and PC users will have about the same file size to down­load as the Series X|S. You can check those out below:

  • Xbox Series X|S: 23.79 GB
  • Xbox One: 17.72 GB
  • PlaySta­tion 5: 6.85 GB
  • PlaySta­tion 4: 15.3–24.5 GB (depend­ing on region)
  • PC: 20.4–31.37 GB (main game– sea­son pass)

Update 1.30’s con­tent includes the Sigr­blot Fes­ti­val, which is a lim­it­ed-time event that runs from July 29th through August 19th. This fes­ti­val gives play­ers new quests to take on and rewards to earn.

The biggest addi­tion in the 1.30 update is the option­al lev­el-scal­ing. This allows play­ers to choose the Con­stant option, which brings ene­mies to the same pow­er as the play­er. This can be turned off com­plete­ly, or can be set to Default, which fea­tures ene­mies that are up to 30 pow­er lev­els under your char­ac­ter. Accord­ing to Ubisoft, this is how the game was “intend­ed to be played.” There is also a Hard­er option where ene­mies are 20+ pow­er lev­els above you, and a Night­mar­ish option that fea­tures advi­sories that are 50+ lev­els higher.

Assassin's Creed 1.30 Patch Notes - Large File Size Difference Between Series X|S And PS5

Boss fights are sep­a­rate from the new lev­el-scal­ing and they have their own set intend­ed difficulty.

The update also intro­duces new skills, includ­ing Light Fin­gered, which allows Eivor to auto­mat­i­cal­ly pick up loot with­out hav­ing to press a but­ton. Hei­drun Slam knocks ene­mies down with a knee slam, and Wolf War­rior increas­es dam­age when your health is low.

You can check out every­thing that is new in the patch notes below:

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 1.30 Patch Notes

Sigr­blot Festival

  • Sigr­blot Fes­ti­val is a new time-lim­it­ed event from July 29-August 19.
  • Par­take in new fes­tiv­i­ties and quests to receive exclu­sive fes­ti­val rewards (includ­ing a one-hand­ed sword!!)
  • Play­ers must reach Eng­land and com­plete one of the first two nar­ra­tive arcs (Grante­bridgescire OR Lede­ces­trescire) and be at least Set­tle­ment Lev­el 2 to par­tic­i­pate in the Sigr­blot Festival.

Lev­el Scaling

  • We added a new menu option to the game to adjust NPC lev­els to your lik­ing. You may choose from the fol­low­ing options:
    • Off = Scal­ing is turned off; ene­mies appear exact­ly as pre­scribed in the region description.
    • Default = Low­er ene­mies are brought up to 30 pow­er lev­els under the player’s lev­el (How the game is intend­ed to be played).
    • Con­stant = Ene­mies will be at least the same pow­er lev­el of the player.
    • Hard­er = Ene­mies will be 20+ pow­er lev­els above the player.
    • Night­mar­ish = Ene­mies will be 50+ pow­er lev­els above the player.
  • Note: Boss encoun­ters and game modes will not be impact­ed by this as they have their own intend­ed dif­fi­cul­ty settings.

Skill Tree Update

  • The Skill Tree has improved vis­i­bil­i­ty for new skills added through­out the post-launch.
  • We’ve added an option that will auto-acquire all the skill nodes required to reach the cur­rent­ly high­light­ed node (if you have enough skill points available).

New Skills


• Light Fin­gered: Eivor will now auto­mat­i­cal­ly pick up near­by loot with a quick flick of the wrist (with­out hav­ing to press the inter­act but­ton). • Thrill of War: Gain adren­a­line as long as you remain in conflict.


• Hei­drun Slam: Press R2 while sprint­ing to knock ene­mies back with a pow­er­ful knee slam. • Idun­n’s Heart: Pas­sive­ly regen­er­ate recent health loss after a short delay.


• Sur­vival Instinct: When at less than a third of health, hold -> for par­tial heal­ing (Exchange adren­a­line for health). • Wolf War­rior: Your dam­age increas­es the low­er your health.




  • Priest’s body would be miss­ing in Flann Over Ireland.
  • Cage can­not be opened to free the pris­on­ers in Tuam caves.
  • Only minor runes inside chests in Ireland.
  • Shelf not mov­able in Cashelore.
  • Cutscene didn’t start when sieg­ing the church in The Scourg­ing of Snakes.
  • Couldn’t con­firm kill on The Ash.
  • Miss­ing sound and sub­ti­tles with­in Wrath of the Druids.
  • King’s Pass not col­lectible if the Raid is not also com­plet­ed at the same time.
  • Couldn’t col­lect the prison key in Court­ing the Kings.
  • Barid van­ished in Flann Over Ireland.
  • Thorstein tele­port­ed back to the cave in the Snar­ing Thorstein.
  • Could­n’t progress when the Puca was killed in Into the Fog.


Quests, World Events, and Side Activities


  • Infi­nite Load­ing screens dur­ing var­i­ous quests.
  • Couldn’t com­plete War of the Col­lec­tors, Aelfred’s Jew­els, Saint Faith, The Lost Dren­gir of Rag­nar Loth­brok, Lamb Chops, Split­ting Hares world events.
  • Far­avid wouldn’t get on the horse in This Son of Jorvik *This Son of Jorvik indeed*
  • Catch­ing the fish with weapons wouldn’t count towards quest objec­tive in Bloody Path to Peace.
  • Couldn’t fight Leofrith in Heavy is the Head.
  • Sig­urd didn’t fol­low Eivor in A Brother’s Keep­er. *More like A Brother’s Leaver*
  • Objec­tive didn’t appear in Twists and Turns *this is how the turn tables*
  • Issues inter­act­ing with Petra in the settlement.
  • Eivor died upon arrival in Hordafylke in The Road to Valhalla.
  • Hunter House world event didn’t trigger.
  • Hunter & War­lock NPCs miss­ing for The Plight of the Warlock.
  • The Ban­shee world event couldn’t be start­ed or completed.
  • Couldn’t progress in the Mis­tress of the Iron Wood world event.
  • Couldn’t inter­act with the seer in Of Blood and Gods.
  • Reach­ing Hunwald’s house didn’t update the Home­com­ing quest objective.
  • The boss didn’t take dam­age at the start of Extend­ed Family.
  • Hun­wald was un-inter­actable dur­ing the Salve for a Fresh Wound.
  • Map mark­er appeared out of bounds in Fiery Ambush.
  • Couldn’t inter­act with Soma or Guthrum in Holy Day.
  • Play­ers desynced at the start of the fight in King Killer.
  • Couldn’t con­firm kill in the Reaver of the South.
  • Couldn’t com­plete The Lost Dren­gir of Rag­nar Lothbrok.
  • Guthrum didn’t move in Kingdom’s End.
  • Couldn’t col­lect the key from a body dur­ing Pil­grim­age to St. Albanes.
  • Edmund was miss­ing in Pup­pets and Prisoners.
  • Couldn’t con­firm kill against Gotafrid Fair-Robes & Nokkfyl­la Shine-Eye.
  • NPC with the coin didn’t spawn or tar­gets didn’t appear for the arrow chal­lenge in Fir­ing the Arrow.
  • Stuck between Bind­ing Fate and Of Blood and Gods. *A Bind­ing Fate, indeed*
  • Black screen dur­ing Baker’s Plaint.
  • Couldn’t inter­act with Half­dan in War in the North.

Graph­ics, Audio, and Animation


  • Var­i­ous graph­ics and light­ing issues.
  • Var­i­ous ani­ma­tion and clip­ping issues.
  • Var­i­ous issues with miss­ing SFX.
  • Var­i­ous issues relat­ing to Audio Menu Narration.

Riv­er Raids, Jomsvikings, Raids


  • Appro­pri­ate rewards not being pro­vid­ed after com­plet­ing a Raid.
  • Rations not heal­ing the prop­er amount of health for Jomsviking.

Mas­tery Challenge


  • Abil­i­ty to access restrict­ed areas in Mas­tery Challenge.
  • Guards could be unreach­able in Mas­tery Challenge.
  • Play­er being detect­ed from a stealth bush in the Wen­lo­can Raven trial.
  • Reduced the pos­si­bil­i­ty of dou­bling Armor sets that were acquired from the Store after com­plet­ing the Mas­tery Chal­lenge onboard­ing quest.
  • Unlocked medals remain­ing after load­ing an old­er save game.
  • Trou­ble enter­ing stealth mode in some bushes.

Game­play, Com­bat, and AI


  • Fire weapons not set­ting NPCs or com­bustibles on fire.
  • Ene­mies not tak­ing prop­er dam­age from lev­el 2 Incen­di­ary Pow­der Trap ability.
  • NPCs no longer attack­ing if they were ambushed by a snake. Snake 1, Human 0
  • Extend­ed flail com­bo dealt more dam­age than intended.
  • Sick­le Com­bo Attacks did­n’t reg­is­ter properly.
  • Var­i­ous issues with the Viking Salute ability.
  • Var­i­ous issues caus­ing the extend­ed flail com­bo to do more dam­age than intended.
  • Ostara items miss­ing fol­low­ing Title Update



  • Instances where Eivor, NPCs, or the long ship would get stuck.
  • Instances with mis­placed or float­ing objects or textures.

User Interface/HUD


  • Numer­ous UI/HUD issues.
  • Numer­ous local­iza­tion issues.
  • Trou­ble exit­ing Pho­to mode using the ESC button.
  • Some icons not adapt­ing for col­or-blind modes.
  • Sil­ver Boost­er not apply­ing cor­rect­ly when loot­ing low val­ue items.


  • Bench­mark is not func­tion­al when the game path con­tains non-ASCII symbols.

Per­for­mance and Stability

  • Improved per­for­mance and stability.

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