Armored Core 6 Screenshot Have Possibly Leaked, From Software Working On It — Report

Screen­shots from the rumored Armored Core 6 may have leaked, which is report­ed to fea­ture a new “sci-fi world” cre­at­ed by Hide­ta­ka Miyaza­ki. First spot­ted by VGC and post­ed by user Red Liquorice on Resetera, who claims that they were part of a sur­vey done by From Software–the stu­dio behind Dark Souls. Armored Core 6 is report­ed to fea­ture “three-dimen­sion­al, dynam­ic action” and “high degree of free­dom in cus­tomiza­tion” as you move your mech around an “over­whelm­ing­ly-scaled” map.

The game’s sto­ry will seem­ing­ly include gov­ern­ments, cor­po­ra­tions, and influ­en­tial cults duk­ing it out for a strange, mys­te­ri­ous sub­stance known as Melange. This mate­r­i­al has the poten­tial to dra­mat­i­cal­ly advance human civ­i­liza­tion. Accord­ing to the survey,“You will face strong ene­mies and fierce bat­tles both long and short-range using guns and blades.” This sur­vey also men­tions the mul­ti-lay­ered maps will empha­size the scale of the mechs that you’ll be piloting.

For the stu­dio behind Armored Core, From Soft­ware, this would just be a return to their roots. Although From Soft­ware may best be known for games like Dark Souls and Blood­borne, the stu­dio worked on 15 Armored Core games from 1997 until 2013. 

Whether or not this leak is the real deal mat­ters not, as From Soft­ware is going to have an extreme­ly big 2022. The stu­dio will be releas­ing Elden Ring, an action-RPG, on Feb­ru­ary 25th. 

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