Ark PS4 Patch Delayed Yet Again

If you play Stu­dio Wild­card’s Ark on the Playsta­tion 4 you are already aware that the last few patch­es and con­tent offer­ings have not been made avail­able to us yet. Con­stant delays and game break­ing bugs have caused the PS4 ver­sion of Ark to be unplayable at times.

Today again brings no change as this des­per­ate­ly need­ed patch has been delayed AGAIN.

This cycle is very, very frus­trat­ing to PS4 play­ers espe­cial­ly, Xbox has recent­ly had some bug fix­ing and fea­ture adding patch­es that have yet to hit the PS4 version. 

This spe­cif­ic patch has been delayed for the Playsta­tion 4 since June 24th, a date giv­en to us pub­licly at E3.

The patch that was sup­posed to be out the fol­low­ing Mon­day after the above tweet nev­er came, and was again met with more and more delays. Patch­es are not the only thing that keeps get­ting delayed, The free Ark Expan­sion Rag­narok has also been delayed twice for con­soles, with Wild­card say­ing it would be released on the 10th of July

Again it was delayed until the 10th, but guess what? It got delayed AGAIN.


Some­thing tells me that con­sole play­ers will not get Rag­narok as promised again on July 19th, and the the upcom­ing “release date” of August 8th 2017 will not be met either.

I would love for Wild­card to prove me wrong, but right now Ark is noth­ing but bugs and bro­ken promises.

TheLegendOfTaco is a guy who plays games and streams them, He also writes about them. He has been known to make his grandma laugh. Avid Computer Geek and Lesbian. He has a soft touch and is a gentle lover. Follow Us On Twitter @FixTheMeta

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