Ark Player Dedicated Server Fix Coming “Mid August”

This last update for the PS4 and Xbox One ver­sions of Ark brought some real­ly big prob­lems for sur­vivors who play on unof­fi­cial ded­i­cat­ed servers. Servers start­ed crash­ing every few min­utes and cor­rupt­ing data for some servers. Noth­ing seems to be able to fix it right now. Wip­ing, low­er­ing dino count, delet­ing data from your con­sole, None of those have been able to hold out for long.

We hoped that this would get fixed soon­er rather than lat­er but it looks like we will all be wait­ing at least a cou­ple of more weeks. Today on twit­ter Wild­card’s Com­mu­ni­ty Manger Jat was asked about the Xbox One ded­i­cat­ed servers crashing.

Jat respond­ed say­ing they had a fix com­ing for both PS4 and Xbox One in “Mid August”.

This sucks, a lot. Xbox One users have been suf­fer­ing with the issue for over a month and Wild­card did not fix the issue before port­ing the prob­lem to the PS4 ver­sion of Ark. A lot of Play­er Ded­i­cat­ed servers are not work­ing right now, Our Cen­ter serv­er is down for the count. A lot of peo­ple choose to spend their play­time on Play­er Ded­i­cat­ed servers, it is far supe­ri­or to the Offi­cial serv­er expe­ri­ence and with these servers not work­ing or com­plete­ly just cor­rupt­ing the hard work of all the sur­vivors on the serv­er, many peo­ple are just quit­ting Ark all together.

The retail release of Ark: Sur­vival Evolved was delayed from August 8th to August 29th, with prob­lems like this in the game its not sur­pris­ing that it was delayed. Hope­ful­ly Stu­dio Wild­card get this fixed with­out caus­ing any­more data loss while there is still a play­er base to take care of.

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