Ark Officially Delayed. PS4 Patch Breaks Game.

Well shit. We all knew it was com­ing, yet some­how opti­mistic that we would be wrong.…

Stu­dio Wild­card has offi­cial­ly delayed Ark Sur­vival Evolved. Ini­tial release date of August 8th has been delayed until August 29th.

Dur­ing this week’s Com­mu­ni­ty Crunch, Stu­dio Wild­card delayed Ark and the high­ly antic­i­pat­ed Free DLC Ark Rag­narok until August 29th.

Stu­dio Wild­card says they have com­plet­ed the sin­gle play­er mode of Ark and have reached gold­en mas­ter sta­tus for retail release. The last few weeks have been focused on them com­plet­ing this cer­ti­fi­ca­tion process and now they will use this time dur­ing the delay to focus on the PC and mul­ti­play­er ver­sions of the game, say­ing they will fix mul­ti­ple big issues such as

Babies grow­ing to Juve­nile would starve because they would­n’t eat from the trough.

Mul­ti­play­er Bosses

let’s face it, they’re ridicu­lous, we know why and we’re going to fix it. You’ll soon be able to enter the boss are­nas and fight boss­es at rea­son­able dif­fi­cul­ty, it’ll still be a chal­lenge, just no longer a mon­u­men­tal/n­ear-impos­si­ble task.

DDoS­ing and The Cen­ter Under the map glitch­ing and raid­ing. They also say they will “be tak­ing care of serv­er crash-exploits as and when they hap­pen, work­ing on serv­er per­for­mance so that you will have a smoother and sta­ble experience.”

They don’t men­tion play­er ded­i­cat­ed servers on that fix list. As of now most of them are com­plete­ly unplayable. They do say that con­soles will be receiv­ing these fix­es and opti­miza­tions, but would not say how long that we would have to wait after the PC release.

On the Rag­narok side of things, it has also been delayed for the 3rd time, until August 29th. When Rag­narok launch­es Wild­card says,

On the date of release, the over­ground of the world will increase by approx­i­mate­ly one quar­ter, which is near-enough a ‘The­Is­land-sized’ expan­sion; the update will fea­ture new bio­mes, a coastal Wyvern canyon, an epic boss encounter, new engrams, and some­thing secret the Rag­narok team are cook­ing up!

The Rent-able con­sole servers have been delayed until “mid month”

Yes­ter­day Stu­dio Wild­card released the much delayed Patch for the PS4 ver­sion of Ark. This patch made this game unplayable for most peo­ple and ren­dered most play­er ded­i­cat­ed servers use­less, most would crash after just 15 min­utes or so.

Ark Sur­vival Evolved Will Now Be Avail­able On Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One and PC August 29th 2017

Source: Stu­dio Wild­cards Offi­cial Ark Forums and Twit­ter

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