Ark Majorly Nerfs Flyers

Stu­dio Wild­card’s Ark Sur­vival Evolved has been a run away suc­cess since being avail­able in ear­ly access on the PC with Xbox and even­tu­al­ly Playsta­tion fol­low­ing. It has not been smooth sail­ing for both the play­ers and the devel­op­ment team of ark, with count­less bugs, Lag, data loss and cheaters run­ning wild.

Over­time time the game seems to have improved on a tech­ni­cal side with patch­es fix­ing bugs and dis­abling some cheats on offi­cial servers. New con­tent and Dinos are con­stant­ly added to Ark keep­ing the expe­ri­ence fresh, that’s not the prob­lem. Wild­card “Nerfed” All fly­ing mounts, in a very extreme fash­ion. Play­ers all over the com­mu­ni­ty are out­raged, some mak­ing their voic­es heard to devs, some just leav­ing Ark all together. 

Fly­er Nerf!

  • A long time in the mak­ing, air com­bat is now being brought in-line with over­all nerfs to things such as health, weight, speed, and stamina.
  • Sta­mi­na: across the board 50% decrease to base sta­mi­na (not includ­ing moth) and per-lev­el sta­mi­na increase amount.
  • Increased sta­mi­na recov­ery time for flyers.
  • Don’t allow the recov­ery sta­mi­na in the air if crea­ture is being rid­den or if a play­er is stand­ing on it.
  • No speed upgrade. This clears the exist­ing lev­el-up speed stats and gives the points back to you to spend elsewhere.
  • Made pas­sen­ger car­ry­ing weight scal­ing 1.0 for flyers.
  • Increased wyvern ele­men­tal sta­mi­na cost. 
  • Rid­ing speed of fly­ers decreased by 10–30%.
  • Decreased quetz per-lev­el hp.
  • Added a 3 sec­ond cooldown to Ptera bar­rel roll.

That is a pret­ty big hit. All hope is not lost. Some Wild­card team mem­bers seem to mir­ror the com­mu­ni­ties feel­ings about the fly­er nerfs.

Ark Majorly Nerfs Flyers

She was­n’t the only one to share with the community,

Ark Majorly Nerfs Flyers

It def­i­nite­ly looks like we are being heard, I hope that’s the case. These changes make trans­port­ing mate­r­i­al much more dif­fi­cult. Rais­ing wyverns  is also far more dif­fi­cult as you wont be able to out run a wyvern when you steal its egg or to kite it for milk. These are game break­ing mechan­ics and need to be changed. Most of these changes seem PVP ori­ent­ed and in my Opin­ion have a neg­a­tive effect on PVE play­ers. The bal­ance tables need to be sep­a­rate. All I can do is hope they also feel the same way. This lat­est patch has not been released on the con­sole ver­sions of ark yet and there is no ETA giv­en for release. In light of all the neg­a­tive feed back I hope to see this nerf heav­i­ly revised by con­sole release. 

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