Apparently, EA Want’s To Sell Or Merge With Another Company — Reportedly

Elec­tron­ic Arts is report­ed to be pur­su­ing to sell or merge, and its being claimed that the pub­lish­er and devel­op­er has had talks with Dis­ney, Apple, Ama­zon, and Com­cast — NBC Uni­ver­sal over the pos­si­bil­i­ty of a deal.

Accord­ing to Puck (spot­ted by VGC) EA has been “per­sis­tent in pur­su­ing a sale” and was once look­ing at Com­cast sub­sidiary NBC Uni­ver­sal for a pos­si­ble merge with the gam­ing com­pa­ny. Com­cast CEO Bri­an Roberts would have run the com­bined company.

The gen­er­al terms of the pro­pos­al, which lawyers and bankers for both sides nego­ti­at­ed for sev­er­al weeks, would have seen the Roberts fam­i­ly take major­i­ty con­trol of the com­bined enti­ty,” the report claims. “In the con­fig­u­ra­tion most seri­ous­ly dis­cussed, the com­pa­ny would have been run by Wilson.”

The deal report­ed­ly fell apart due to dis­agree­ments over struc­ture and price. Nei­ther EA or Com­cast com­ment­ed on this report. It also claimed that Microsoft­’s pur­chase of Activi­sion Bliz­zard for its impres­sive amount is the main dri­ver behind EA’s desire to sell.

Oth­ers say that EA is pri­mar­i­ly inter­est­ed in a merg­er arrange­ment that would allow [EA CEO] Andrew Wil­son to remain as chief exec­u­tive of the com­bined com­pa­ny,” the report added.

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