Apex Legends Mobile Shutting Off In The Next Three Months

Respawn Enter­tain­ment offi­cial­ly announced its award-win­ning mobile game, Apex Leg­ends Mobile, will no longer be playable start­ing May 1st. This is just short of its one-year release date. The announce­ment came over Twit­ter, with a link to a Q&A on EA’s website.

This news comes as a sur­prise giv­en Apex Leg­ends Mobile’s pop­u­lar­i­ty. It earned $5 mil­lion dur­ing its ini­tial launch week, and stole both App Store Awards and Google Play’s Best of 2022 awards. Respawn was rather vague in their tweet, but the Q&A clears a few ques­tions up.

Fol­low­ing a strong start, the con­tent pipeline for Apex Leg­ends Mobile has begun to fall short of that bar for qual­i­ty, quan­ti­ty, and cadence,” the pub­lish­er states. “It is for this rea­son, after months of work­ing with our devel­op­ment part­ner, that we have made the mutu­al deci­sion to sun­set our mobile game.”

Respawn recent­ly pushed back the launch of Sea­son 4 by over a month, con­fus­ing fans. How­ev­er, see­ing the mobile game com­plete­ly shuttered–and so soon after launch–was quite a shock.

In terms of what play­ers can expect from here, today marks the begin­ning of a nine­ty (90) day win­dow before we sun­set the game,” the state­ment on the web­site con­tin­ues. As of today, all real-mon­ey in-app pur­chas­es will be removed (IE you can no longer buy Syn­di­cate Coins), and the game itself will be removed from the App Store and Google Play Store, mak­ing it unavail­able for down­load. Any Syn­di­cate Gold play­ers cur­rent­ly own can be spent until oper­a­tions are ceased on May 1 at 4 PM PDT, when the game will shut down in all regions.”

The state­ment added no refunds will be giv­en, and all in-game con­tent will no longer be able to be accessed by May 1st. In-game cur­ren­cy can still be used until the game goes offline. Despite this announce­ment, Respawn reas­sured play­ers this has no ties to the PC and con­sole ver­sions of Apex.

EA also con­firmed dur­ing a recent earn­ing report that Bat­tle­field Mobile has been can­celed, while Star Wars Jedi: Sur­vivor will be delayed by a month.

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