The pop­u­lar anti-cheat soft­ware Denu­vo is com­ing to PlaySta­tion 5. The soft­ware’s own­er announced that Denu­vo is now part of the PS5 Tools and Mid­dle­ware program.

This means that Denu­vo — which is has been com­mon­place and con­tro­ver­sial on PC for years — can now be used by devel­op­ers and pub­lish­ers on PS5.

Denu­vo is stat­ing its soft­ware has reached more than 2 bil­lion game installs on all plat­forms, with more than 1,000 games pro­tect­ed by its software.

Today, as a mem­ber of ecosys­tem play­ers, Denu­vo will car­ry on its mis­sion of bring­ing fair­ness and fun back to gam­ing by pro­vid­ing its Anti-Cheat solu­tion to all devel­op­ers who want to pro­tect their games and gamers, from hack­ers and cheaters, on PlaySta­tion 5,” the com­pa­ny said.

Denu­vo said its anti-cheat tools are capa­ble of pro­tect­ing online and offline game­play. “The tech­nol­o­gy helps game devel­op­ers pro­tect sen­si­tive game log­ic or data, pre­vent­ing cheaters from chang­ing sen­si­tive vari­ables and ensur­ing its trustworthiness.”

The com­pa­ny also said “a num­ber” of PS5 launch titles already use Denu­vo, but did’t spec­i­fy which ones.

Denu­vo boss Rein­hard Blaukovitsch said in a state­ment that, “Cheat­ing ruins video games for hon­est play­ers. This can lead to low­er engage­ment, game traf­fic and shrink­ing rev­enues for game pub­lish­ers. We are real­ly proud be able to help the world’s most tal­ent­ed devel­op­ers to bring rich expe­ri­ences for gamers on Playsta­tion 5.”

Denu­vo is a DRM, which is often seen as con­tro­ver­sial soft­ware in the eyes of PC play­ers. The main crit­i­cism is that the anti-pira­cy soft­ware has been shown to impact per­for­mance in some cases.

How­ev­er, the com­pa­ny has acknowl­edged that no DRM prod­uct can stop tam­per­ing. What Denu­vo offers pub­lish­ers is a soft­ware that pro­tects ini­tial sales; Denu­vo esti­mates that around 70% of game rev­enue for a typ­i­cal title comes with­in the first two weeks after release.

It’s unknown if Denu­vo will ever arrive to Xbox or Nin­ten­do consoles.