It appears that BioWare is com­mit­ted to con­tin­ue on with Anthem, despite heavy play­er drop-off, bring­ing a new update to the Cat­a­clysm. It adds a fourth are­na, changes the buff for the inver­sions, a sea­son­al store refresh and a new set of challenges.

Below is just a “run­down” of what to expect from the update:

Cat­a­clysm “Echoes of Real­i­ty” Changes:

  • Diana’s Land­ing” Event  - You’ll now have a 4th are­na to test your wits and boost your point out­put before tak­ing on Vara. Diana’s Land­ing, which is locat­ed in the “Domin­ion Foothold” dis­trict, will have you fac­ing the Rift­mas­ter in this brand new puz­zle. (No spoil­ers from me)
  • Inver­sions Changes — Hope you didn’t get too used to Week 1’s buffs, as this week’s inver­sions are a bit different:
    • Light­ning Rod: Close-range kills chain light­ning to near­by enemies.
    • Close Encoun­ters: Shot­guns and Machine Pis­tols deal increased damage.

Sea­son­al Store Refresh:

  • War Chest: Melee Weapon — (return­ing)
  • War Chest: Gear - In addi­tion to melee weapon War Chests, you’ll also be able to spend your earned Crys­tal cur­ren­cy on new War Chests con­tain­ing a (ran­dom) javelin Gear piece. As a reminder, these War Chests allow you to trade in Crys­tals for a Mas­ter­work item (with a chance to roll Legendary).
  • Shard Tor­rent Armor Pack (Storm Javelin)
  • Wrap: Frac­tured Twilight
  • Paint­ed: Amethyst Gem­stone Material
  • Graph­ic: Har­mon­ic Crest
  • Graph­ic: Night Lattice
  • Decal: Emer­ald Warp
  • Decal: Cobalt Warp
  • Decal: Amber Warp
  • Arrival: Kung Fu Bring It (Inter­cep­tor Javelin)
  • Emote: Excit­ed Come Here

Dai­ly Cat­a­clysm Challenge:

  • Dai­ly Cat­a­clysm Are­nas Chal­lenge: Gear - These chal­lenges grant­ed a Melee weapon in Week 1, and now they reward you with a Gear piece (Mas­ter­work with a chance to be Leg­endary). These can be repeat­ed dai­ly, so don’t for­get them!
    • Pow­er of the Storm (Dai­ly) — Com­plete 3 Cat­a­clysm are­nas using the Storm javelin and be reward­ed with one Storm Gear piece.
    • Heart of the Ranger (Dai­ly) — Com­plete 3 Cat­a­clysm are­nas using the Ranger javelin and be reward­ed with one Ranger Gear piece.
    • Strength of the Colos­sus (Dai­ly) — Com­plete 3 Cat­a­clysm are­nas using the Colos­sus javelin and be reward­ed with one Colos­sus Gear piece.
    • Speed of the Inter­cep­tor (Dai­ly) — Com­plete 3 Cat­a­clysm are­nas using the Inter­cep­tor javelin and be reward­ed with one Inter­cep­tor Gear piece.

NOTE: These are in addi­tion to the oth­er rotat­ing Dai­ly, Week­ly and Month­ly chal­lenges, so keep an eye on your Path to Glo­ry tab in the Chal­lenges menu.

Source: EA