BioWare released a small update for Anthem yes­ter­day evening. Although it wasn’t a large patch, it fixed some rather annoy­ing bugs.

One I’ve expe­ri­enced sev­er­al times, Elysian Cache itmes not appear­ing. It also addressed a cou­ple of issues with Freeplay and adjust­ed the loot drops (but not the way you’re prob­a­bly expect­ing). You can see the full patch notes below:


  • Fixed an issue that was caus­ing loot to drop for javelins oth­er than the one being used.
  • Addressed a num­ber of issues that could occa­sion­al­ly cause Nvidia high­lights to crash.
  • Fixed an issue that was caus­ing Elysian Cache items to not appear until com­plet­ing anoth­er activ­i­ty or restart­ing the game.
  • The news­feed will now prop­er­ly show con­tent again upon launch­ing into the game.
  • Fixed an issue that was caus­ing Ursix and Titans to not spawn as fre­quent­ly in Freeplay.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the screen to shake when enabling DLSS and turn­ing off motion blur.
  • Fixed an issue that would some­times cause play­ers not to be able to inter­act with Owen, or hear his audio at the end of the Leg­endary ver­sion of the mis­sion “Find­ing Old Friends”.
  • Titans, Ursix, Lumi­nar­ies and Fury ene­mies should no longer dis­ap­pear when anoth­er play­er starts an Event in Freeplay.

Source: EA