Another Uncharted Game From Naughty Dog Unlikely

With the release of Unchart­ed 4, Nathan Drake’s sto­ry had come to a close. Naughty Dog had stat­ed it was the last game for the char­ac­ter how­ev­er many spec­u­lat­ed that the com­pa­ny would con­tin­ue the series with oth­er char­ac­ters. The upcom­ing Unchart­ed: The Lost Lega­cy seemed to con­firm this spec­u­la­tion, but Naughty Dog has stat­ed oth­er­wise to Game­in­former

Naughty Dog co-pres­i­dent Evan Wells stat­ed that the team is excit­ed to get into Chloe’s sto­ry with Lost Lega­cy, but they do not have plans to con­tin­ue with oth­er char­ac­ters. Anoth­er Unchart­ed after the release of The Lost Lega­cy is said to be “unlike­ly”, but not entire­ly impossible. 

Wells says the stu­dio is cur­rent­ly plen­ty busy with The Last of Us 2. They also have oth­er ideas they want to explore and lim­it­ed resources to work with. 


I would nev­er say nev­er, but we’ve got The Last of Us Part II on our plates and there’s so much oth­er stuff that [we want to explore]. It’d be hard. If we mag­i­cal­ly had that two-team, three-team stu­dio, sure – it’d be great to keep doing it. We real­ly love the fran­chise, but the stu­dio has lim­it­ed resources and lots of oth­er ideas. I’d say the like­li­hood is low.  

Giv­en this infor­ma­tion there is pos­si­bil­i­ty of anoth­er Unchart­ed, but not from Naughty Dog. The series has proven very suc­cess­ful with over 28 mil­lion copies sold. There is plen­ty of oppor­tu­ni­ty to make more mon­ey from the series by hav­ing anoth­er stu­dio devel­op a new game. In fact Sony Bend has already cre­at­ed Unchart­ed: Gold­en Abyss for the Vita and Blue­point Games has devel­oped Unchart­ed: The Nathan Drake Col­lec­tion. It would­n’t be a sur­prise if anoth­er stu­dio were to make more Unchart­ed games.

What­ev­er the case, Naughty Dog will like­ly move on from the series in a sim­i­lar fash­ion to the Jack and Dex­ter series.

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