Another Game Added to the Backwards Compatible List

Today, anoth­er game was announced for Microsoft­’s very pop­u­lar Xbox One Back­wards Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty Pro­gram. Major Nel­son (Lar­ry Hryb) of Xbox revealed the game via his Twit­ter, as usu­al, and this one is among play­ers favorite games. 

Grand Theft Auto ΙV is com­ing to the pro­gram today, which you can pur­chase from the Xbox Store for $19.99. This is the sec­ond game they announced this week, as just a few days ago Xbox released LEGO Indi­ana Jones, which you can also pur­chase from the Xbox Store for $19.99.

Last month, Xbox had added a whop­ping 19 games to its com­pat­i­ble list, which was promised when the com­pa­ny said the com­pat­i­bil­i­ty pro­gram “was going to have a busy month.” If you did­n’t get to see what those games includ­ed I have added a list below, but no prices:

  • JUJU
  • Mad Tracks
  • Stunt­man: Ignition
  • Rock­et Knight
  • Shad­ows of the Damned
  • Alice: Mad­ness Returns
  • Mid­way
  • Mutant Storm Empire
  • TEKKEN 6
  • Beat’n Groovy
  • MEGA MAN 10
  • MEGA MAN 9
  • Bat­tle­field 3 (Disc Only)
  • Bat­tle­field: Bad Co. 2
  • Drag­on Age: Ori­gins Games
  • Ghost­busters
  • Scrap Met­al  
  • Stra­nia
  • The Splat­ters

The back­wards com­pat­i­bil­i­ty pro­gram has been a huge suc­cess for Xbox and fans real­ly enjoy play­ing those old­er games on their fresh con­soles. Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of those games every­one wish­es they could go back to play every­day, and Xbox play­ers can. 

I am a Platinum lover and an ex- Cod-aholic. I've been playing games since I was 5 years old and I refuse to quit, despite my mother's attempts to get me to. God of War and its successors are my all time favorite games.

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