Animated Emotes Are Heading To Twitch By The End Of 2021

Con­tent cre­ators will soon be able give their emotes a bit more oomph on Twitch. To cel­e­brate its tenth anniver­sary, the com­pa­ny plans on launch­ing a few changes to emotes, includ­ing the option to make them animated.

Accord­ing to a post on Twitch’s blog, these ani­mat­ed emotes will first be avail­able to Twitch Part­ners “in a few weeks.” Affil­i­ates will like­ly get access to the emotes after Part­ners, with Twitch stat­ing they would be avail­able by the end of 2021. When they launch, cre­ators can upload a total of five ani­mat­ed emotes for their tier one sub­scribers to use.

Twitch is also adding a func­tion that dis­ables these emotes for those “who may be sen­si­tive to animations.”

Steam­ers won’t have to hire some­one to make ani­mat­ed emotes or do it them­selves either. When the emotes launch, cre­ators will be able to apply one of six pre-made ani­ma­tions of their emotes. 

Animated Emotes Are Heading To Twitch By The End Of 2021

Twitch also announced that its think­ing about giv­ing small, per­son­al­ized pic­tures to fol­low­ers. The plat­form called these an oppor­tu­ni­ty for cre­ators to “grow their com­mu­ni­ties by offer­ing view­ers a fun, free ben­e­fit to hit­ting the ‘Fol­low’ but­ton.” This fea­ture will only be released to a small group of Twitch Part­ners and Affil­i­ates, and will be in beta form.

Cre­ators will soon have access to an emotes library, as an easy way to man­age all these emotes. The library allows for eas­i­er deci­sions regard­ing what emotes to use or retire, as well as what sub­scrip­tion tier those emotes become avail­able at.

While the idea of ani­mat­ed emotes is new and excit­ing, Twitch stream­ers have a more press­ing issue, A new wave of DMCA claims recent­ly hit the plat­form, forc­ing cre­ators to once again delete por­tions of their content.

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