Although the PS5 out­sold the Xbox Series X/S at launch, one ana­lyst has said the dif­fer­ence is sales between the two plat­forms is minor. The PS5 sold about 4.5 mil­lion units in 2020 over a month and a half peri­od. How­ev­er, the Xbox Series X is near­ly keep­ing pace.

The esti­mat­ed num­ber of Xbox Series X sold comes from Niko Part­ners ana­lyst, Daniel Ahmed, who says the sys­tem sales was “a bit over a mil­lion” few­er than the PS5. This would mean around 3.5 mil­lion Xbox Series X/S con­soles were pur­chased, and con­sid­er­ing the short­ages, that a decent amount. 

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, said it was the largest launch in his­to­ry for the brand. Due to it’s stream­ing plat­form and PC play­ers, Xbox does­n’t put as much empha­sis on con­sole sales like their competitors. 

The com­pa­ny is mak­ing a major push to get all their fans to sub­scribe to Xbox Game Pass, allow­ing them to play almost any game, on any device. At the end of last month, The Medi­um was added to Game Pass and this week sever­al more titles joined the ser­vice.