Analyst Says The Xbox Series X|S Has Shipped 12 Million Units

The Xbox Series X|S fam­i­ly of con­soles have shipped more than 12 mil­lion units com­bined, accord­ing to Daniel Ahmad esti­ma­tion, who works for the research com­pa­ny Niko Partners.

This is a sig­nif­i­cant uptick from the 8 mil­lion Series X|S con­soles that were report­ed to have been shipped at the end of Octo­ber 2021. Ahmad said the “dual SKU strategy”–releasing mul­ti­ple con­soles under the same banner–ended up being a bril­liant plan for Microsoft.

The rea­son is that the increased pro­duc­tion of the S mod­el helped to off­set the lack of Xbox Series X con­soles. This keeps the sup­ply chain going even amid the ongo­ing issues with the pan­dem­ic and the semi­con­duc­tor shortages.

Microsoft has­n’t announced offi­cial sales num­ber for its Xbox con­soles for quite some time, instead choos­ing to release fig­ures relat­ed to “engage­ment” and oth­er metrics. 

In oth­er Xbox news, Phil Spencer recent­ly announced that the Xbox Series X|S is the best-sell­ing Xbox plat­form of all time dur­ing its first year. It was also recent­ly revealed that Forza Hori­zon 5 passed 15 mil­lion play­ers, and Halo Infi­nite will be get­ting updates to improve Big Team Bat­tle and 343 is try­ing to deal with cheaters.

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