An EA Originals Game Gets a Reveal Trailer — Sea of Solitude

In this year’s E3 con­fer­ence for EA, they revealed a trail­er for a game they picked up back in 2015. It comes from an indie devel­op­er, a Ger­man stu­dio name Jo-Mei. It’s titled Sea of Soli­tude and is part of EA’s Orig­i­nals program. 

The sto­ry fol­low­ers a girl by the name of Kay, who is suf­fer­ing such severe lone­li­ness and hope­less­ness, that is caus­es her to trans­form into a mon­ster. She explores a par­tial­ly sub­merged city, in a frail look­ing boat, try­ing to find out what’s caused this transformation. 

The whole game is about explor­ing these emo­tions that most peo­ple feel, and accord­ing to Cor­nelia Gep­pert (cre­ative direc­tor and writer for Sea of Soli­tude) “When humans get too lone­ly, they turn into mon­sters.” She also stat­ed that as peo­ple we should, “Embrace your self doubt, in the same way you embrace your hope. This is what being human is all about.”

Sea of Soli­tude is sup­pose to arrive some­time in ear­ly 2019.

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