[Update] Amazon Disables Gold Trading And Item Sales In New World Due To Exploit

[Update]: It seems Ama­zon put New World into a 3‑hour down­time tonight to re-enable all forms of wealth trans­fers. Play­ers should now be able to resume all activ­i­ties that include coins, includ­ing play­er to play­er trad­ing and trad­ing posts trans­fers across all regions. You can see the orig­i­nal sto­ry below.

Right now, there is no way to trade in-game gold between oth­er play­ers or sell items on the auc­tion house in New World. A gold dupli­ca­tion bug has forced Ama­zon Games to dis­ables these in-game trans­fers until the exploit has been fixed.

Play­ers can earn gold (coin) by either break­ing down unwant­ed items, com­plet­ing quests, or sell­ing items to oth­er play­ers in the auc­tion hous­es (or trad­ing posts). Play­ers can use this gold to pur­chase items from oth­er users, buy homes, or pay numer­ous tax­es. Of course, coin can also be deposit­ed into play­ers com­pa­ny’s (guild) trea­sury, which can be used for gen­er­al upkeep of the company.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, none of this can be done because of the cur­rent dupli­ca­tion exploit. Ama­zon is not dis­clos­ing how the exploit works with­in its offi­cial forum post on the top­ic (because why would they?). 

Of course, the stu­dio has­n’t giv­en any time­frame as to when the fix for this exploit will be released. It’s already been over 24 hours since the game’s mon­ey trans­fers have been shut off. Ama­zon also says play­ers who used the exploit will be punished.

Recent­ly, the devs dealt with anoth­er major exploit play­ers were tak­ing advan­tage of, one just as game break­ing as the coin dupli­ca­tion. Play­ers were becom­ing invin­ci­ble, but Ama­zon has already released a patch for this bug.

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