Amazon Banned More Than 1,200 New World Cheaters After The Economy Shutdowns

New World’s econ­o­my was recent­ly shut down on two sep­a­rate occa­sions over the last month, due to in-game dupli­ca­tion exploits. Devel­op­er Ama­zon Game Stu­dios detailed how they are deal­ing with those who abused the exploits, as well as the eco­nom­ic issues these par­a­sites cre­at­ed in a new devel­op­er update.

The remain­ing duped items have con­tin­ued to hurt many play­er’s expe­ri­ence,” the post states. “It did­n’t affect all play­ers or worlds equal­ly, and also more sig­nif­i­cant­ly impact­ed play­ers who were pur­su­ing end game goals and gear. We apol­o­gize for the impact this has had on some of our most ded­i­cat­ed play­ers. It’s dis­heart­en­ing to see oth­ers cheat to obtain what you have worked so hard to achieve, while also hurt­ing the econ­o­my in the process.”

That being said, Ama­zon has banned more than 1,200 play­ers for abus­ing var­i­ous coin/item dupli­ca­tion exploits. The stu­dio’s first pass through the game on Novem­ber 2nd end­ed with the removal of more than 80% of dupli­cat­ed coins and items. As of Novem­ber 15th, 98% of the remain­ing duped coins and items have been cleared from New World. Ama­zon says the small remain­ing per­cent­age of dupli­cat­ed items that will remain in the game’s econ­o­my is a result of play­ers stum­bling across the prob­lem but did not take advan­tage of it. Those play­ers won’t be banned for this action.

Ama­zon added that it has­n’t seen a sig­nif­i­cant uptick in the amount of max lev­el gear fol­low­ing the dis­cov­ery of the item exploit. Much of these items were removed when these exploiter accounts pos­sess­ing the armor were banned.

We are work­ing to improve our response time and will remain vig­i­lant against play­ers who vio­late our ToS,” the devel­op­er update states. “Exploits will not be tol­er­at­ed, and penal­ties can and will include per­ma­nent bans for those play­ers using them. Our team is work­ing tire­less­ly to con­tin­ue our inves­ti­ga­tions, and pre­vent­ing future dupes from hap­pen­ing by cor­rect­ing or replac­ing game sys­tems that can be attacked.”

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