All Legendary Bounties Are On The Bounty Board This Week In Red Dead Online

It should be an inter­est­ing week for Red Dead Online play­ers. Ten Leg­endary Boun­ties are post­ed up on the Boun­ty Board right now, and you can bring them in dead or alive. PC and Sta­dia play­ers are get­ting the chance to take down boun­ties that con­sole play­ers have already completed.

New cloth­ing items, week­ly col­lec­tion items, dis­count and more have also been added this week.

All 10 Legendary Bounties

All Legendary Bounties Are On The Bounty Board This Week In Red Dead Online

Rock­star is also issu­ing a 50% increase in the cash pay­out and 25% more XP for all Boun­ties on the board. That includes XP for char­ac­ter and Boun­ty Hunter role pro­gres­sion. You can check out all the Leg­endary Boun­ties below:

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties

Bar­barel­la Alcazar | The Wolf Man | The Owl­hoot Fam­i­ly | Ser­gio Vin­cen­za | Cecil C. Tuck­er | Philip Car­li­er | Tobin Win­field | Etta Doyle | Red Ben Clemp­son | “Yukon” Nikoli Borodin

New Clothing Items & More

The Wheel­er, Raw­son & Co. Cat­a­logue has a cou­ple new cloth­ing items, both of which are lim­it­ed time only:

  • Conving­ton Hat
  • Pat­terned Ban­dana — addi­tion­al tints

Cloth­ing items that have been released in the last ten weeks, are also avail­able for pur­chase, but only for a lim­it­ed time. No list was giv­en as to what pre­vi­ous items were added. 

All Legendary Bounties Are On The Bounty Board This Week In Red Dead Online

Col­lec­tors can seek out the Feldspar Arrow­head, Endi­cott Dia­mond Ear­ring and the Emme­line Coral Ear­ring to com­plete the Foun­da­tion Col­lec­tion. As always, return them to Madam Nazar for reward.

Bonuses & Benefits

Boun­ty Hunters can also take 25% off the retail price of the Boun­ty Wag­on. Col­lec­tors can take advan­tage of a 25% dis­count on all items sold by Madam Nazar. Addi­tion­al­ly, every­thing sold at the Fence is 25% off.

PlaySta­tion Plus mem­bers who play Red Dead Online before Novem­ber 25th, will receive the Page of Pen­ta­cles, Knight of Pen­ta­cles, Queen of Pen­ta­cles and King of Pen­ta­cles Tarot Cards, for free.

Play­ers who con­nect­ed their Social Club and Twitch Prime accounts, can claim the Boun­ty Hunter License for free, plus an extra 10% off the dis­counts list­ed above. 

Source: Rock­star

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