Alan Wake Remastered Is Getting Rid Of The Original Title’s Product Placement

Alan Wake’s upcom­ing remas­ter won’t fea­ture any prod­uct place­ment, since the deals with those com­pa­nies have expired since the pre­vi­ous game’s release. A PR rep­re­sen­ta­tive for Rem­e­dy told Screen Rant that the ads from cor­po­ra­tions like Ener­giz­er and Ver­i­zon, will be replaced with fic­tion­al in-uni­verse brand­ing. How­ev­er, the songs and TV shows in the game will be com­ing back.

When the game first launched back in 2010, Alan Wake had plen­ty of real-world prod­uct place­ment. Ford-brand­ed vehi­cles were found through­out Bright Falls, and Ener­giz­er bat­ter­ies could be insert­ed into flash­lights. Ver­i­zon had numer­ous adver­tise­ments, includ­ing the appear­ance of brand­ed phones, a 30-sec­ond Ver­i­zon com­mer­cial that was view­able on an in-game TV, as well as a nod to the infa­mous adver­tis­ing line “Can you hear me now?” in the Sig­nal DLC.

The game was an Xbox 360 and PC exclu­sive, so of course Microsoft got into the adver­tis­ing action. Con­soles and col­lectible Night Springs video games showed up in The Writer DLC. Addi­tion­al­ly, Microsoft Tag bar codes could be scanned and would direct play­ers to a phone num­ber with the voice­mail from one of the game’s characters.

Alan Wake Remas­tered will be com­ing out lat­er this year, and it seems the game will be get­ting a sequel accord­ing to the lat­est reports. 

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