Alan Wake 2 Appears To Be In The Works, Thanks To Epic Games

Alan Wake Remas­tered is on its way lat­er this year and it looks like a full-on sequel will be fol­low­ing it. This is accord­ing to reporter Jeff Grubb, who says Epic Games has agreed to green­light a sequel.

They’re plan­ning an Alan Wake sequel. They are work­ing with Epic Games on pro­duc­ing an Alan Wake 2, or at least it’s in the plan­ning stages. So does that turn into any­thing con­crete and real? I’m hope­ful. I think so. I don’t imag­ine it will get derailed,” Grubb remarked on Giant Bom­b’s Grubb­snax show (report­ed by VGC).

Rem­e­dy’s Sam Lake said back in 2018 that mak­ing Alan Wake 2 would be a “dream.” At that time, Lake said the Finnish stu­dio was explor­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties for more Alan Wake titles.

Last year, Rem­e­dy signed a pub­lish­ing deal with Epic games for two mul­ti­plat­form games. One is Rem­e­dy’s “most ambi­tious” game yet, described as a “AAA” title that was in the pre-pro­duc­tion stage in March 2020. The sec­ond is a “new, small­er-scale project” that is set with­in the same series. This could eas­i­ly be Alan Wake 2 and Alan Wake Remas­tered. Or oth­er unknown projects.

In May of this year, Rem­e­dy con­firmed that it had six games in pro­duc­tion. This includes the pos­si­ble Alan Wake 2, Alan Wake Remas­tered, the sin­gle-play­er modes for Cross­fire X and Cross­fire HD, a free-to-play game called Van­guard, a one “new, excit­ing ear­ly-phase project.”

The orig­i­nal Alan Wake was released for Xbox 360 and PC back in 2010. Rem­e­dy acquired the rights to the series from Microsoft in 2019.

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