Adidas Reportedly Making Xbox Shoes

Adi­das appears to have Xbox-themed sneak­ers in the works and may be com­ing lat­er this year. This is accord­ing to a new report from Com­plex, stat­ing that at least four Xbox shoes launch­es are sched­uled for 2021.

The report also shares leaked doc­u­ments from Adi­das, reveal­ing the work-in-progress project include a whole bunch of shoes themed after Xbox con­soles. So, obvi­ous­ly, they con­sist of neon green, white and black col­ors and sport the Xbox logo on the side of the shoe. You can see a pro­to­type below:

Adidas Reportedly Making Xbox Shoes

The first set of shoes will be released in June, and they’ll be Adi­das’s new Forum Tech Boost style. This will be fol­lowed by two Xbox-themed pairs of Adi­das’s Forum Mid in Octo­ber. The final launch will also anoth­er mod­el of Forum Tech Boost in Novem­ber. Com­plex’s report also states that more Xbox shoes will be com­ing in 2022.

The shoes will be com­ing green Xbox brand­ed box­es, and there is no pric­ing for them yet. 

Adi­das’s Xbox shoe report comes a PlaySta­tion revealed their themed pair of Nike shoes which are launch­ing in May.

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