Activision Unveils New Anti-Cheat For Call Of Duty: Vanguard And Warzone

Cheaters have been a seri­ous prob­lem for Call of Duty: War­zone since the bat­tle royale was released and hack­ers even made their way to lob­bies dur­ing Van­guard’s mul­ti­play­er beta. Activi­sion has final­ly revealed the details for the new anti-cheat sys­tem, which will hope­ful­ly take care of these frus­trat­ing cheaters.

Today (Octo­ber 13th), Activi­sion announced that Call of Duty will be com­bat­ing cheaters with the upcom­ing Ric­o­chet Anti-Cheat sys­tem. They describe it as a ”

mul­ti-faceted approach to com­bat cheat­ing, fea­tur­ing new serv­er-side tools which mon­i­tor ana­lyt­ics to iden­ti­fy cheat­ing, enhanced inves­ti­ga­tion process­es to stamp out cheaters, updates to strength­en account secu­ri­ty, and more.”

The Ric­o­chet Anti-Cheat secu­ri­ty fea­tures will launch along­side Call of Duty: Van­guard on Novem­ber 5th. These fea­tures will also arrive with the Van­guard-themed Pacif­ic-map head­ing to Call of Duty: War­zone lat­er on this year.

There will also be a new PC ker­nel-lev­el dri­ver, which has been devel­oped inter­nal­ly for Call of Duty. This new dri­ver won’t be avail­able with Van­guard’s release, but will instead launch first with War­zone’s Pacif­ic map update and will come to Van­guard at a lat­er time. Activi­sion says new dri­ver will assist in the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of cheaters as well as help rein­force and strength­en over­all serv­er security.

Ker­nel-lev­el dri­vers are giv­en a high-lev­el of access to mon­i­tor and man­age soft­ware and appli­ca­tions on a PC, such as your PC’s graph­ics card dri­ver,” Activi­sion said. “The dri­ver ele­ment of the Ric­o­chet Anti-Cheat sys­tem will check the soft­ware and appli­ca­tions that attempt to inter­act and manip­u­late Call of Duty: War­zone, pro­vid­ing the over­all secu­ri­ty team more data to bol­ster security.”

The ker­nel-lev­el dri­ver is going to cause some con­tro­ver­sy, since the ker­nel is the core of a PC’s oper­at­ing sys­tem. These dri­vers gain the high­est lev­el of access to a play­er’s PC. How­ev­er, if you plan to play War­zone, it will be needed.

Activi­sion also includ­ed play­er pri­va­cy in their state­ment, say­ing that the dri­ver is not always on. The soft­ware sup­pos­ed­ly turns on when you start Call of Duty: War­zone and should turn back off when you close the game. Fur­ther­more, the ker­nel-lev­el dri­ver only mon­i­tors and reports activ­i­ty relat­ed to the game.

Cheaters will also be fur­ther coun­tered by the use of machine learn­ing algo­rithms, which should help iden­ti­fy sus­pi­cious behav­ior trends. Activi­sion did con­firm play­ers will still have the option to report sup­posed cheaters.

Although some play­ers might be hes­i­tant to use a ker­nel-lev­el anti-cheat, the amount of cheat­ing in War­zone real­ly needs an extreme mea­sure to final­ly bring down the mas­sive amount of hack­ers. Activi­sion already banned over half a mil­lion Call of Duty accounts, but cheaters don’t ever stop.

These ker­nel-lev­el anti-cheats are noth­ing new, since Riot Games uses ker­nel dri­vers for both League of Leg­ends and Valorant.

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